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     MOTU   Tytus

    Actually this is the super rare Italian/Mexican variant (Mullet Tytus) :skgrin: .

    (It was this way when I purchased it, evidently some kid must have been a Billy Ray Cyrus fan). ...
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     MOTU   MOTU Collection

    Check out some of my photos. I will post some more pics soon.
  3.  MOTU   Dark Haired He-man

    I am still pondering this mystery. The more I think about this, the more conclusions I am coming up with. I definitely remember seeing this figure in a store as a child and I think it might have...
  4.  MOTU   Dark Haired He-man

    I am going to add my two cents to this ongoing debate. I am almost positive that I remember seeing this figure loose at Dollar Stores as a child. It was possibly at Roses, Woods, or Jones, which...
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