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  1. So confused

    Hey guys,
    firstly let me apologize, I am so far out of the loop and have not kept up to date with anything. This is the first time I have signed in, in ages and was curious to hear about fans...
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     200X   Im in New Zealand and I think i first heard about...

    Im in New Zealand and I think i first heard about the 200x figures before they came out, I think maybe through When I saw the first few, like He Man and Triklops etc, I initially didn't...
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     200X   Loki was that an opened Faker? It doesn't bother...

    Loki was that an opened Faker? It doesn't bother me either way if i get an opened or sealed in box one, I just want to get one lol, but Faker is always too expensive, and often when I do find a good...
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     200X   I know your post is 2 months old but I just read...

    I know your post is 2 months old but I just read it, and I have to whole heartedly agree with it. I loved the MYP series and I was gutted when it finished and when they stopped making the figures. ...
  5.  MOTU   Dolph

    This youtube clip was really interesting, I would love to see more of this kind of footage.
    The director doesn't give a lot of praise to Dolph, I thought Lundgren made a great He-Man, and he had the...
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    Nice!! Someone actually did Scareglow!! I...

    Nice!! Someone actually did Scareglow!! I always liked this character, but never had him when I collected the old series, don't think he ever came out here in New Zealand, and when I collected the...
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    This Trap Jaw looks amazing, the face is really...

    This Trap Jaw looks amazing, the face is really well done and especially the mechanical arm, thats crazy good likeness. I would love to cosplay an outfit like that.
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    I know I'm really late on this post, but just saw this, and had to say, that first pic is one bad ass Hordak, looks really really good!
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    I can't imagine Jason Statham playing Triklops, I think the English accent would be all wrong. But the other thing that bothers me about Statham is that he's become very much like Steven Segal,...
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    New movie

    I agree that Dolph would make a great cameo.
    I didn't have time to re-read through all the posts, but I thought I remembered last time I read on here, some concern over the suggested plot that was...
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    He Man movie

    Just signed on for the first time in a while and only just saw this thread, read just a few pages (too much to read it all).
    Was hoping for some info on a new movie but now that I have heard what...
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    Hey I'm a huge Triklops fan, even stole the name on the PS3 when it first came out before anyone else could use it. Its fantastic mate a really good match to the 2002 Triklops, which is my fav.
  13. Ironic

    I always regretted selling my entire MotU collection in my teens. Some years back when I saw the 200x design pictures on the website I hated them. Especially Triklops, my favourite character, I...
  14.  200X   I have to agree here, I really wanted the Faker...

    I have to agree here, I really wanted the Faker too, and wanted to extend my 2002 series collection, Im not interested in the new Classics collection at all and am definately not starting over again....
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     200X   rippeded off on ebay

    I totally empathize with you on being ripped off on ebay. I was ripped off on ebay by someone with thousands of trades and a high positive feedback rating, who had actually sent me items before. I...
  16. Movie News

    Whats the story of the chances of it still going ahead?
    I never really read anything to do with the movie unless posted something on its main page, and this script seems to be the biggest...
  17. Sword of Grayskulls comments Re:She-ra & Orko

    I have to whole heartedly agree with you Sword of Grayskull.
    I apologize if i have missed any posts out, haven't read all the posts but just caught your comments re: SheRa. I don't want to upset any...
  18. in development

    I would have liked to have read that myself, I want the movie to be done so bad that i'm gettin frustrated at not hearing anything about it. My roommate squirmed and stressed over Star Trek for ages...
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    I'm mixed about the name too, but I don't believe it needs to be called 'Classics' to suggest that it includes the whole pantheon,
    I mean the MYP series wasn't an entire new cast either, it had and...
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    New Line

    I have to say I am disappointed after collecting the articulated 2002 motu toys, and the stactions to see they have stopped however Im extremely happy that they are even doing anything new. So a new...
  21. Point taken, however I grew up with this...

    Point taken, however I grew up with this franchise, and lets face it, the figures and the cartoons made them all look like Mr Olympia contestants. So you can imagine my disappointment when I see an...
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    My son is also a huge MotU fan and he is almost...

    My son is also a huge MotU fan and he is almost 8. He started watching the MYP series when it first came out here in New Zealand a few years back (2004 here I think). He loved it then, ran around...
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    lol the red head (Dizz) on starship troopers...

    lol the red head (Dizz) on starship troopers might be a bit old by now. And omg undertaker for Triklops??? Come on now. Skeletor, hmm, I think if he wasn't so old, John Glover, who plays Lionel...
  24. Jason Statham??

    Jason Statham?? Sorry I have to disagree there, not only would his accent be way off, but he doesn't have the physique for it, or look anything like him. I liked Jason Statham in Transporter, then...
  25. bodybuilders

    I think Kevin Levrone has a physique that would nicely portray Triklops,
    he's an ex pro bodybuilder but no where near the size he used to be, off the juice but still in great shape, and wouldn't be...
  26. vinnie jones

    vinnie jones was wearing a muscle costume, hes no where near that big, muscular or defined in real life, just tall
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    loin cloth

    I agree about the loin cloth thing, I don't see a problem with it, especially in the face of modern movies like 300, still true to its time and He Man has always had a loin cloth of those...
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    He-Man's image

    I think these threads show how passionate most fans are about He-Man, and we all have our likes and dislikes, and obviously all differ, which makes the job of the powers that be very hard to find a...
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    I still think it works Emiliano,
    I always favoured your art with the new comics of a few years ago, however I prefer the way you have done his face in this one, than the art on the latest He-Man...
  30. Is that the guy who played the viking king on The...

    Is that the guy who played the viking king on The Thirteenth Warrior??
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