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  1.  MOTU   thanks for the info

    Do you have a picture of the ones in your collection? I would love to see them. I've never seen a skeletor like that before. By the way, any estimate on what something like that would be going for...
  2.  MOTU   Looking for info on my favorite he-man toy as a kid

    When I was a kid I had a large he-man toy, and I'm looking to find some info and pictures about it (and possibly even purchase it).

    It was about 18" tall and looked alot like the images I'm...
  3.  MOTU   Looking for some accessories for my figures

    Hi. I need to complete a few of my figures. These are the accessories that I need. If you have them, please send me an email with your price here:

    Orko: Magic Tricks...
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     MOTU   Question about crossbows

    Do any of the action figs share crossbows?

    I was looking at some extras and comparing them to the toy section, and I'm not sure if mantenna's crossbow is the same dragstor. They both...
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     MOTU   bios for all action figures?

    Is there a place either on this site or elsewhere where I can see bios or mini bios of each of the the motu vintage figure line?

    Ideally the transcriptions of the card back bio would be awesome....
  6.  MOTU   That's it He-bro. That thing is really cool!

    That's it He-bro. That thing is really cool!
  7.  MOTU   Very cool way to remove blemishes, marker and scuff marks from Motu Figs

    I've been wondering how to remove blemishes from my motu figs for some time, since I have a few that are basically C8.5+ if not for a few small scuffs or marker/color stains.

    Well, yesterday I...
  8.  MOTU   email

    I just sent an email.
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     MOTU   want to support orger sellers

    Any other online stores? I would like to support the independent org sellers out there.

    I'm sure many have online stores... are you guys just selling only on ebay?
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    Paint Restoration

    Many of you paint the old 80s figures to create customs, so I'm wondering if you guys have advice for restoring the paint on 80s figures.

    1. What kind of paint is used?
    2. Does the figure need...
  11.  MOTU   Thanks! I had snake mountain as a kid but really...

    Thanks! I had snake mountain as a kid but really haven't seen one closely in more than 20 yrs. (I'm a new collector) I knew it looked familiar.
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     MOTU   sy-clone sticker?

    What do fellow orgers do with sy-clone figures that don't have the sticker? Are they basically considered junk to be used for custom fodder or is there a way to get a reproduction lenticular?
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     MOTU   Recommended .orger online stores?

    I would like to know if there are any .orger online stores apart from the forum, that people would recommend. Any trusted stores would be great to know about. Is there some sort of listing here on...
  14. Video of custom Carded Savage He-man

    I was surfing youtube today and found this really cool video of a custom carded Vintage Savage He-man. It looks very cool and very real. Obvious its a custom card, the guy says it himself. Wow, if...
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     MEDIA   Very Cool!

    Very Cool! I just joined their facebook group and their twitter page to get updates as the project evolves. You can do that to here:
  16.  MOTU   Is this a piece of a Motu set or accessory?

    I went to a yard sale this morning and bought a wood workshop toy for my son, and in the cubby of the toy I found a bridge that looks like motu. It also says mattel 1983 on the bottom. Any idea what...
  17.  MOTU   Thanks you - Results

    Thanks you all for the excelent suggestions. Here is what I ended up doing...

    I put them in hot water for about an hour. That worked pretty well. Most of the smell was gone after that. You can...
  18.  MOTU   Smoke Smell in a new He-Man Purchase - Help!

    Hi everyone. I recently purchased a complete Battle Armor He-man with a complete Battle Cat. I thought I got a great deal on it ($12 plus $10 shipping) until I opened the package today. The toy reeks...
  19.  MOTU   Thanks

    Thanks rougewelder and KidRandor for the advice. If I decide to go with buying lots, which figures should I watch out for that are the most rare?

    I'm just concerned I'll get alot of figures that...
  20.  MOTU   New Collection - Have questions about pricing and options

    Hi everyone. I use to have MOTU figures as a kid (I'm 29 now) and recently getting somewhat nostalgic, I decided to start collecting them for my son and I. I unfortunately don't have any more figures...
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