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  1. :(

    I'm still uber-upset that he sold out so quickly. I was waiting by my computer, got him in my cart, experiences a card error, and then he was sold out :(

    I want one so badly and I hate this 'chase...
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    Can non-Club Eternia members get Anti-He-Man with...

    Can non-Club Eternia members get Anti-He-Man with Early Access or is it only available to Club Eternia members?

    I am in Club Greyskull, but not Club Eternia.
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    Here's my question: I subscribed to Club...

    Here's my question: I subscribed to Club Greyskull, but NOT Club Eternia.

    Can I get Anti-He-Man during Early Access in April or is that a 'no' since I'm not in the 'Collector's Choice' club???
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    West Coast :(


    Boooo. :(

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    Does Matty still drop you after 3 failed credit card attempts?

    Sadly I was forced to cancel my 2013 sub (not my choice, believe me -- we have a sick family member and simply HAVE to cut corners wherever possible due to the medical bills). I remember that in the...
  6. May have found him

    I MIGHT have found Mr. Bitner. I think I sent him an e-mail an hour ago. Either him or someone with the same name. We'll see if he replies.

    Thanks all !!!

    -Krazy Joe
  7. Thanks, npbaity !!

    Thanks, npbaity !!
  8. Does anyone know how to contact Nathan Bitner?

    I'm the host of a podcast, and I'd love to reach out to Nathan Bitner and ask if he'd be willing to do a 15 min or so phone interview for our show. If anyone knows how to reach him, our show's e-mail...
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