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  1. Wanted: Hasbro WWF Figures loose

    Looking for Hasbro WWF Figures from the 1990s. Loose and in good condition. Any characters or weapons. Would like to buy a lot or trade. Let me know if anyone has any! Thanks Matt...
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     MOTU   Wanted MOTU Vehicle BOXES only

    I am looking for nice looking boxes for various motu vehicles such as spydor, battle bones, battle ram, wind raider, eternia, etc. I prefer the fully closed boxes for dragon walker etc, opposed to...
  3. Wanted WWF Mattel Macho Man and Ultimate Warrior Figures

    Looking for Mattel Macho Man or Ultimate Warrior figures loose or MIB... Let me know what you have, thanks Matt
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    Wanted: Flogg & Extendar

    I am interested in buying Flogg and Extendar New in Mailer box. I only want to purchase the figures as a pair and have them both shipped together when Flogg is released next month. I know the NA...
  5. FS: Unnamed one, glimmer, hydron, snake face, battle lion horde map, etc

    All brand new Mint in package with mailer box:

    Unnamed one $60
    Horde map $10 or $5 with figure purchase.
    Glimmer $28
    Snake Face $24
    Battle Lion (when released will sell at cost)
  6. Glimmer and Modulok for sale (at cost)

    I am selling my subscription Glimmer and Modulok for what I paid ( sub price plus tax and shipping). I would also like to sell them as a pair, although I will also have an Extra Glimmer for sale at...
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    PM sent...

    PM sent...
  8. Walking Dead Trade Paperbacks volume 1–15 for sale

    I am selling Walking Dead Trade Paperbacks volume 1–15. All books are in great condition and in a clear plastic sleeve with backboard. I have photos upon request. Asking $140 plus shipping for the...
  9. Bigassbuzz - thank , but I am looking for the...

    Bigassbuzz - thank , but I am looking for the predator 1 classic style :(

    Aeproductions- message sent for more info

    Still looking for MIB Figures as well...
  10. Loose jet sled wanted! Buy or trade

    I am looking for a loose jet sled only without figure. In havea items for trade or can buy. Let meknow , thanks Matt
  11.  200X   STACTIONS loose for sale Webstor, clawful, Snout Spout, grizzlor, clamp Champ

    I am selling some stactions. All are mint condition loose with all weapons. I believe I have all the stands as well. Contact me via PM or thanks Matt

    $10 each or $35 for...
  12. Wanted: Neca 7" Terminator figures and Neca 18" predator

    I am looking for a few terminator 2 and terminator 7" neca figures. Also looking for the Neca 1/4 scale 18" classics predator with open or closed mouth. Looking for any of these mint in box, but...
  13. MOTUC Loose & MIB Figures for Sale Cheapest Prices

    I am selling a portion of my collection. All loose figures are 100% Mint and complete. All packaged figures come with white mailer box. Prices marked plus shipping.Accept PayPal as money owed or...
  14. Wanted DC Direct Batman as Azrael Knightfall Figure

    I am looking for the older DC Direct Azrael as Batman Knightfall series figure in or out of package. Let me know thanks Matt
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    Wanted loose jet sled

    I am looking for a mint loose jet sled, if anyone has one they are willing to sell or trade that would be great. Let me know via PM or email Thanks Matt
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    Wanted loose jet sled

    I am looking for a loose jet sled. I have cash or a few items for trade. Let me know if anyone has one to part with, thanks. Matt
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    Can someone comment on if the handles can be...

    Can someone comment on if the handles can be removed? They looked like separate pieces plugged in. Thanks!!
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    Wanted: sky sled loose

    I am looking for a sky sled loose without figure. If anyone wants to sell just the sky sled let me know, thanks Matt
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    Sky High For sale $25

    I am selling my sky high figure, he will be mint complete straight out of the box. Perfect chance if you want the figure or to army build. If anyone is interested please let me know, thanks -Matt
  20. ±2 subs for me today! So is that 1011

    ±2 subs for me today! So is that 1011
  21. Wanted: Spawn Figures - Classic Covers, The art of spawn, image 10th loose or mib

    I am looking for a few Spawn figures that can be loose mint and complete or mint in package. Let me know if you have any of these three to part with! Thanks -Matt

    Spawn Series 24 Classics Covers ...
  22. Has it been mentioned for 2014 if there will be...

    Has it been mentioned for 2014 if there will be day of stock? How limited it will be compared to 2013?and if all figured will be available or potential for figures with no day of sale?
  23. Loose mint complete Mossman & snout spout $15 each!

    I am selling a loose mint complete Mossman (unflocked ears)$15 and a snout Spout $15. Both are new out of package with great paint apps. If interested let me know and I can get shipping quote. Thanks...
  24. SPINWIT.... please!

    SPINWIT.... please!
  25. FS loose mint complete figures... cheap! man-at-arms, faker, moss man, grizzlor, etc

    I am selling some figures that are all mint loose and complete. Only displayed for a short period in a glass display cabinet. All figures were purchased directly from Matty and are first run. I will...
  26. Planning trip to SDCC 2014.. Any advice on dates, hotel, etc,was it good experience?

    I've been wanting to go to SDCC for about 10 years, I've decide next year I am going for sure. Wanted to get opinions on when I need to book a place to stay, where is reasonably priced and how close...
  27. NINJOR! (rioblast is a close second)

    NINJOR! (rioblast is a close second)
  28.  MOTU   Anyone do wall display or case for loose vintage figure collection?

    I am considering building a wall mounted display cabinet to fit just each loose vintage figure.. Something like eight rows of eight figures per row roughly. Has anyone seen or done a display anything...
  29. Nice ice baby.. Dun, dun, dun, du-du, dun, dun.....

    Nice ice baby.. Dun, dun, dun, du-du, dun, dun.. Did you get clamp champ along with the icrr figure?
  30. Wanted loose Jitsu, Karatti, Snake face

    Looking for these three figures. Jitsu, Karatti, Snake Face loose mint complete for s decent price. Let me know if you have a couple or all these 3 figures to part with. I am only looking for already...
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