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  1. Selling my Classic He-man and Skeletor figures.

    All figures are loose but complete with their bio cards. I would prefer to sell these as a lot to save on time boxing and shipping. Thought I would see if anyone was interested on here before I...
  2. He-Man & Orko 1/4 Pop Culture shock Statue for sale #230/350

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. PM me if your interested and what your willing to pay. I am guessing shipping will be around $80-$100 within North America. Its never been opened. I...
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    Looking for Baby Skeletor

    Message me your price shipped to Canada.

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     200X   Do you have either of the he-man stactions?

    Do you have either of the he-man stactions?
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     200X   Wanted: Rotocast He-Man & Skeletor

    PM me the price if your interested in selling.

    - - - Updated - - -

    What's a reasonable price to pay for these things on Ebay?
  6.  MOTU   Know where I could find a picture?

    Know where I could find a picture?
  7.  MOTU   Did they make plastic He-Man lunch boxes.

    I remember as a kid having a big orange lunch box. I am sure it was He-man. Just a sticker. Came with a thermous. I have seen a POP one on ebay but can't even find a picture of a MOTU one.
  8.  200X   How much for the Chase skeletor and wolf Armor...

    How much for the Chase skeletor and wolf Armor he-mans?
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     200X   Looking for the two He-Man stations.

    Doesn't matter if they are sealed as long as they are complete and un damaged with a reasonable shipping price to Canada. Send me a message if your interested in selling.
  10.  200X   Looking for 200x He-man & Skeletor Any version

    Looking any and all versions of He-man and Skeletor. Only looking for complete figures. Open or unopened it doesn't matter as long as they are complete. I would like to buy a bunch at once to save...
  11. Lot of 45 pre 2011 Classics figures $600

    I am selling off all of my He-man stuff. Going to list this on Ebay but thought I would try and sell it on here before I go through ebay. Looking to sell off my whole collection of Classics...
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     MOTU   Lot of 40 Complete Motu Figures

    This is my personal collection of original 80s Motu figures. Figures seem to be in good condition with little paint wear and no broken arms or fingers or anything like that. All figures include...
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    Entire MOTU collection for sale!

    I am looking to sell my entire MOTU collection. I am going to list everything on ebay is seperate auctions but I thought I would check here first to see if anyone was interested in buying the whole...
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     200X   Selling all my open Stactions

    I am selling all my stactions as a lot. Shipping I am guessing will be about $40-$50 but I can get you an exact quote if you like. 13 figures total. All with weapons. Only one I see with an issue...
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    He-Man, 3 Orkos, He-Ro, Weapons pack

    I have some extra Motu Classic figures I am looking to get rid of. All on in white mailer box. I have 3 Orkos with Prince Adam, He-Ro (Purple version I think) The first weapons pack, as well as a...
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    Selling my entire classics collection

    All figures are opened and complete with all weapons. There are a couple of unopened figures and I have noted which ones. I also have the bios for all the figures except He-man but there are 2 MOC...
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    Wanted King Grayskull

    Looking for the regular version of King Grayskull, pm me if you have him and what you want for him.
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     MOTU   Looking to trade MOTU for Thundercats

    I have about 50-60 complete He-Man figures. I am looking to trade the whole lot for complete Thundercat figures in good condition. If anyone is interested, I can send you a list of whats included. ...
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    Looking for a King Grayskull

    Willing to pay $150 in box. I am just looking for the regular version.
  20.  MOTU   Wanted Prince Adam complete in good condition

    PM if you have one for sale.
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    Wanted: King Grayskull

    Looking for the regular version of King Grayskull. Send me a PM if you have one for sale.
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    Two He-Mans for Trade

    I have a 1st-Issue He-Man and a Re-Issue "The Original" I am looking to trade. Both are MOC and include the white mailer boxes. Would prefer to trade them both together so that I only ship them once...
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    WANTED: He-Man Card

    Looking for the card only in decent condition. I bought an open He-man on ebay and it had not card with it. I only need the bottom half so if anyone has any extra or don't keep the cards PM me a...
  24. Anyone ever not get a figure they ordered?

    Normally when I order from mattycollector I get the figure 20-25 days later but with teela and zodak I still havn't gotten them. Anyone else run into this problem?
  25. Looking for a He-Man Card back with bio

    Looking for the cardback only, if anyone bought a few he-mans and have an extra bio, send me a message.
  26. Three Purpls stone Hero Trade for original MOTU

    I have two Moc and one opened He-Ro. Pretty sure they are all purple from the flashlight trick but can only be 100 percent sure on the open one. Will trade for pretty much anything interesting. ...
  27. Willing to pay $80 for Skeletor/Beastman

    I need Skeletor and Beastman. Loose is fine as long as they are complete with all weapons and acc. Would prefer to have bios as well. Willing to pay $80 for both shipped to Canada. if the figures...
  28. Wanted: He-Man Skeletor Beastman Loose or Moc

    Looking to get He-Man Skeletor and Beastman. Loose or Moc as long as they are complete with weapons. Looking to spend about $100 plus shipping to Canada. PM if you have these items for sale.
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    I have four He-Ros for trade. 3 Moc

    I am 90% sure they are all purple. I did the flashlight thing and I could see red and green no problem but the 3 Moc ones I have left are just dark. Also I have one opened purple one. Looking to...
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    3 He-Ros for trade PM me

    Looking for Classics He-man, Skeletor, or Beatman or anything else interesting. PM me with any offers.
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