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  1. For Sale: MOTUC Fisto MISB, that is all.

    Hey guys, I've basically liquidated all my MOTUC except for fisto, I was holding onto it until I really needed the money and I guess now is the time. It is completely MISB, unopened, the corners and...
  2. Updated and All PM's replied. Thanks for the...

    Updated and All PM's replied. Thanks for the interest !:hmgrin:
  3. Hey guys, the prices do not include shipping,...

    Hey guys, the prices do not include shipping, please PM me a zip code or some sort of address so I can calculate exact shipping for you. And also, I am located in Canada.

    - - - Updated - - -
  4. Loose MOTUC figures!! Everything needs to go!!

    King greyskull - $20 SOLD
    clawful - $18
    demo-man - $18 SOLD
    King Hsss - $18
    Grizzlor - $20 SOLD...
  5. SELLING WIND RAIDER x2, demo-man, BG evil lyn

    Hey guys, trying to liquidate my MISB figures,

    I got 2 Wind raiders for sale @ 40 dollars each!

    trying to sell DM and BGEL for $25 each. (PENDING)

    King grayskull
  6. Selling star sisters misb! Want: He-ro, king randor, roboto!

    as the title suggests, I need to (desperately) get rid of star sisters, and I want He-RO, king randor and roboto, preferably MOC with white mailer

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