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    SA He-Man armor wrong?

    Did anyone else notice the shoulder armor on SA He-Man is NOT supposed to be covering his bare arm? Maybe they just assembled him wrong for display and it's not how it will end up once he comes out...
  2. Increased shipping charge because of changing card

    I did this a couple months back when I new the card needed to be updated. When I got the new email with the new order ID, I noticed the shipping costs went up. I called them to inquire why. They told...
  3. Top 3.

    #1, is it possible to include removable pegs and holes (like those included with the stands) to be integrated into various levels and places so figures can stand without falling over? - that way if...
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    Sticky: What is the point of Matty Customer Service

    Prior to the May Catra figure, I went online to update my credit card information. I even called the customer service number to confirm everything shows updated because of the issues I had when I...
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