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  1. This makes the first time I have ordered a sub...

    This makes the first time I have ordered a sub since the very first time they ran them. Yeah, they got me out of retirement for this one! I even had to boot my wife off the laptop to do it because I...
  2. 1. Chooblah, I admit it, I watched enough of the...

    1. Chooblah, I admit it, I watched enough of the show to see this old coot, and make him the one character I really wanted a figure of but never thought was possible.

    2. Ceratus, Whiplash was cool...
  3. Glowing green good!

    :sklol:Well of all the possible issues that could be wrong with this item, the color doesn't bother me all that much.:skwink:
    He's some sort of ghostly wraith, kinda like those guys from the Return...
  4. It's not just the word.

    Being legal does not make it right, fair, or justified. Hiding behind the letters of the law does not change the basic fact those people are buying figures for no better reason except to turn a...
  5. Speak for your self.

    The unflocked ears wasn't what everyone wanted, just the majoity.
    In my case the answer to this is NO, because I already have the unflocked version, so if I can't get the flocked ear version, I will...
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    Even if only ten persent of the orders were for...

    Even if only ten persent of the orders were for 10 figures, that still sucks up 100 figures out of every 109-118 or so! It's just a matter of math to figure that out!
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    The "S" word is in.

    Yeah, that's what I really hate, secondary market resellers, scalpers, are getting the upper hand on this and collectores who really wanted it are getting hurt. This is one issue MATTEL never seems...
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    Miss of the moss.

    Good point, and I do agree that the quantity limit should be lower simply for that reason alone, but I seriously doubt if that was the problem today in light of the time frame it sold out, because...
  9. So what's the point?

    And isn't that the whole point of collecting? To have fun? If I had not had 2 subs to insure I get at least 2 MM figures, regardless of the ears, I would not even be collecting these any more because...
  10. Make him a red neck!

    Looking at what they did with Whiplash, I don't think it's unreasonable to believe he will come with both heads, vintage and 2002, so why argue the point? As for other features like his color, I...
  11. Actually, that's a good example of why they are...

    Actually, that's a good example of why they are running it like this!
    Retail items are "sold" items because the stores buy them from MATTEL, but MotUC are not paid for ahead of time, and it's a more...
  12. It's not really that simple.

    Actually it could be, because this is a big toy manufacturer, not a small company like NECA or Mezco, so the big wigs expect to see full return on this or they will cut the funding for it.

    While I...
  13. One is already there.

    Manotaur was actually made in the NA line, only his name was Sigataur. LOL!:sklol::hmlol:

    I like some of these, and yeah, the 4H would make them...
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    Keldor Smeldor

    I have 2 subs, and I do NOT want Keldor, he is a variant and should NOT be part of the sub. If I didn't want 1, I sure as heck don't want 2!:sklol:
  15. Moss-Man or Miss-Man?

    I'm worried about getting the Moss-Man with the flocked ears, because he was done in less quantity than even the others, so what are my chances of getting him? I hate to waste time trying to get...
  16. Band with = even faster sales.

    I know it's not done by people all at one time, but the fact they changed the order date to the 16th so "all their staff" would be on hand for the event shows it takes more than just the computer...
  17. Mossy beast!

    That Or...
    I could paint my self green and cover my self with mud and plant Chia pet plant seeds all over my body and become Moss-Man! Two possibilities with one feature!:sklol:
  18. NA NA is still Na Na.

    I quit buying the original line when the NA NA stuff was made because it was so baddly designed and sculpted compaired to the old line I was just disgusted with them.

    I won't mind them so much now...
  19. Physical allterations.

    I seriously considered getting red coral bumps implanted inder my skinn on my bald head so I would look more like Beast Man.:sklol:

    I'm already hairy and strong as an ape, so I just needed a few...
  20. Big Cats are not friendly.

    :sklol::hmlol: Yeah, so true! Prehistoric saber tooth cats were huge! Easily as big as this version of Battle Cat, but then they are cats, which is not a very friendly animal in reality either.
  21. My stance.

    Well I never claimed I was going to leave the line or quit collecting it, but I would seriously consider doing so if it does not improve in the next year or so.

    Yes, I am STILL angry at Matty for...
  22. A question for those who know.

    I have a simple question for those of you who understand how online web sites work, Would ANY web sever really be able to handle the kind of traffic issues presented by the method Matty is trying to...
  23. Rant on Brother!

    Well for the most part I agree with optibtimus on his rant, and I hope he gets more attention than I did when this first started.

    People pretty much mocked me when I complained about Mer-Man...
  24. Bonus vs. basic.

    They should have 3 seperate subscriptions;
    1 for the basic figures
    1 for the Bonus or quarterly figures
    1 for the beasts & giants.

    That way we could select wish subscriptions we need or want...
  25. Threats are hidden!

    The only thing that really worries me about the line is MATTEL's endless effort to find ways to sell more He-Man and Skeletor figures outside the line.

    This seems to be a real stikler with them,...
  26. Heads or tails.

    The 2002 whiplash redesign was actually one of the few from the new cartoon I actually likes and the figures was really great, but that head just doesn't fit on the old school body IMO.

    At any...
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    Whip it up!

    I'm really happy about getting Whiplash! It's pretty cool they included a head with his 2002 design, but I also don't think it will fit well with his old school body.

    Anyway, I liked the old 3...
  28. Subscribed to pain!

    Well having 2 subscriptions, I'm stuck with the bad along with the good, twice! Things like count Mezo & She-Ra are going to wind up trade fodder because I don't even want them, and I hope Keldor is...
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    Whip it out and go ape!

    I thought Whiplash would my my most wanted until I saw Cygor! I am so delighted to be getting that, something actaully new to the line in a way!

    I'm really digging the Optic figure even though I...
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    He's He-Man's personal money! LOL!

    Maybe this will help.:skwink:
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