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    Blast attack! How should he be done?

    Blast Attack!
    A latecomer in the original line, kinda weird fellow but one of the figures I'm very curious about how they will go around and make him work.
    So the first problem... how do they make...
  2. Sounds great to see them released soon. These...

    Sounds great to see them released soon.
    These are great variants, and lots of people have not had the chance to own them when they got released in the 80's.
    We all had the battlearmor variants, but...
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    Hello from Belgium!

    Hello everyone!
    After a while lurking around on the forum, here I am with my first post.
    It all started with Moss man for me, my first MOTU figure!
    I can still recall his smell. Ahhh... the...
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