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Thread: another MOTU fan from Serbia

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    another MOTU fan from Serbia

    Big Hello from Serbia
    I am 28 years old, name is Bane ( like that evil dude from batman ) and I work as a cashier in local post office.
    As I kid I fall in love with MOTU ad since than I look for every chance to get something from that magica world. Thanks to my mistake, all I have since my childhood are just few toys, VHS tapes and Politikin Zabavnik comic books But thanks to the allmighty internet, figures that I lost will arrive in few weeks from now
    I wish you all good day and night
    I also have a lot of YUGO Bootlegs ( well not that much but ) and if anyone is intrested in them, please let me know And if you can, show me where to put those photos and start new topic about it I am new here.
    Sorry about my english, I know it sucks In school we study German and I skip classes
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