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Thread: Jimmy Fallon Late Night,.. Funny?

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    Jimmy Fallon Late Night,.. Funny?

    I've watched his show a few times or so and still don't find this guy that funny or kinda dull pretty much. He has all these big time celebs i know, but still seems trying to hard with so called comedy sketches and still not funny to me.

    i keep thinking he's just trying or copying johnny carson comedy sketches (which Were funny).

    so i don't watch his show at all anymore.. i smell a pt 2 Conan Obrien fiasco in the future.

    how is the show doing anyway?
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    Johnny Carson was the best followed by Jay Leno.I absolutely hate Conan and never cared for David.After Leno left I could care less about late night.

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    Fallon does a great job getting celebrities to loosen up and actually have fun. Most of the stuff he does is pretty silly, and I find a lot of it funny.
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    Most people I know find him hilarious. The things he can get 'famous actors' to do in front of the audience... frankly astonishes me.

    He's got this attitude that he REALLY loves his job and is giddy to go to work every day, and that kind of energy is infectious. Kind of an 'everyman' vibe from it. As opposed to the smugness I always feel watching Conan. He may have some good jokes occassionaly... but I still want to punch him >.<

    I don't normally watch the show live... but I do try to catch whatever clips are online. As for copying Carson? He was amazing for a LOT of years... if you're gonna model your show somewhere... the king of late night is DEFINITELY a good place to start

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    Im a big fan. I find him really funny and I love the games he comes up with as well as the songs with the Roots.

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