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Thread: Batman forever is 20 today

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    Batman forever is 20 today

    Today marks the 20th anniversary of Batman Forever being released

    I know most fans dont like it but when I saw it as a ten year old I loved it (I wasn't allowed to watch the original Burton films at that point), combined with Batman The Animated Series and re-runs of the Adam West show made me a life long Batman fan, even if its not as dark as Batman '89/Returns or the Nolan Trilogy (which I still like) it remains one of my guilty pleasures

    I still think Val Kilmer was a great underrated performer as Batman and still remember collecting some of the toys (like the Batcave/Wayne Manor playset)

    Ironically the film was due to be darker with a portion of Bruce losing his memory and an exploration of the recurring nightmares he has throughout the film but they were cut to appeal to families (after the controversy of traumatised kids seeing Batman Returns) which you can view as deleted scenes on the DVD which I recommend

    The only problem I have with this film is that it gets lumped together with the abysmal Batman & Robin of 1997

    Original Trailer

    U2 Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me music video

    What does everyone else think about the movie?

    My feedback

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    Wow, this is hard to believe 20 years.... Unbelievable. I went to see this when I was 16 years old in high school with my mom and really liked it. Honestly, I still like it Yeah, it's so different from the previous movies but that's what made it so cool. It was defintely more inspired from Adam West than Frank Miller and my mom loved it for that (she loved the tv series but hated the first 2 films with Keaton).
    Now, Batman and Robin on the other hand...

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    It wasn't nearly as bad as Batman & Robin, but I remember being disappointed at the change in tone at the time. I haven't watched it in probably 18 years, so I don't know what I would think about it now
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    Same feelings as most of you

    It was my first cinematic exposure to the dark knight and since then I've awaited for Batman & Robin. So basically watched this movie first and later on I've discovered Burton's dark approach to the world of Batman and in comparison Schumacher's flicks seemed so lame and trash.

    Batman & Robin, please dont hate me but there's something I still like about that movie, it had been enjoyable and fun, surely a disappointment in retrospective to Keaton and Nicholson's performance.
    It has always been clear to me Batman TAS belongs to Burton's movies while Schumacher's ones to TNBA that means a fresh and new take on the franchise.
    You know what I really liked ? the videogame by akklaim, it was so much better than the movie and it really makes me felt as part of the vigilante's crimefighting in Gotham, well the controls were awful but I do really believe its been an inspiration for the guys workin at Rocksteady.
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    And now I feel SUPER old. Awesome!
    I vividly remember going to see Batman Forever in the theater, and being somewhat disappointed. I had loved Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman in Batman Returns. However, I did enjoy the Val Kilmer eye candy!!!

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    What a disappointment this was as i was expecting something dark like Burton and that Burton didn't returned, i was 14 years old and thought it was a letdown but not as bad as Batman and Robin.

    I'm glad Nolan threw this and the other Batmans out the window and made his reboot series.
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    I remember enjoying this film tremendously when I first saw it at the cinema. I liked how Robin was handled, and I thought Kilmer & Carrey were great too. However, on reflection and with subsequent viewings, my opinion has changed drastically. I really dislike the over-the-top tone and the style that veered away from the incredible Tim Burton movies.

    Attempting to emulate the campy tone of the 60s series was a mistake, in my opinion. Now, I do love the old show, but it was clearly intended to be a parody. This film can't decide if it wants to be taken seriously or not, and as a result it just doesn't work. I don't even consider the Schumacher films to be part of the same universe as the first two anymore. I especially can't stand what they did with Two-Face (my favourite Batman villain). Oh, and that opening sequence with the cringe inducing security guard - "Oh no, it's boiling acid!!!" - ugh, just awful.

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