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Thread: New York Comic Con 2014

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    New York Comic Con 2014

    Very disappointed in NYCC lineup this year. Only a turtles panel on Friday. absolutely NOTHING interesting on Saturday (no sleepy hollow panel?) that will be autograph day. And nothing really good on Sunday minus a muppet panel and karate kid panel. Cary Elwes is a tad too late to stick around for. 3 hours down time is rather boring at the javitz....personally I blame this new york super week thing.
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    Yeah normally I buy a 4 day pass for me and a there day pass for the kid. Thursdays are for Dad and the weekend is for the kid. This year there is nothing for me to do except to say hello to a few guys that will be there so I told the kid we can do whatever she wants at the con, I have no agenda this time around.

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    My wife and I have been going almost every year, and for the past couple we've been cosplaying - which has made the con experience a lot of fun. We're going all day Friday and Saturday - we have a wedding on Sunday - and we're trying to figure out our schedules now. Personally, I think the guest list this year is fantastic, but I am a little bummed that Mattel won't be there. If nothing else, it's one less line to stand on, I guess.
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    I might give my tickets to my friend, I have no interest in going anymore. IMO this is the weakest guest list EVER. The exclusives for the most part are weak as hell. Just a real MEH feeling. I usually go down to cosplay too, but food+gas+tolls+parking to just waste time...... meh.... maybe but I doubt it.
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