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Thread: Future Rio Blast of the Great Master Horde

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    Future Rio Blast of the Great Master Horde

    Art by Seb.

    Heroic warrior Rio Blast from the Masters Of The Universe toyline travels back from a future ruled by the Great Master Horde!
    Why is he back, and who will stand in his way on Etheria?

    His story revolves around the Towers of Etheria, and will be chronicled in a miniseries of two-pages comics, created in the stile of the original mini-comics of the MotU toyline.

    Chek out the Faction Logo, featuring He-Man's cross, the Horde's bat and She-Ra's "Fitzquadrata" font!

    If you like to draw the MotU and PoP characters, and want to join the project, let us know!

    They are all waiting for the story of the Three Towers to unfold thanks to your pencils: Colonel Blast, Entrapta, Dylamug, Fear-Ro, Flutterina, Vultak, Dragstor, Hordak, Queen Angella, Glimmer, Peekablue and more!

    Hi-res original art.

    Also, don't miss the naughty Everybody Needs a Snout-Spout by the same artist Seb!

    Check out the MotU/PoP fancomic gallery for more of our works.
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    Very cool.

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