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Thread: Iceman and Gbagok's Return to Anwat Gar

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    Iceman and Gbagok's Return to Anwat Gar

    Iceman and I have been planning the first of several Masters of the Universe movie ideas, all of them seen as sequels to Season 2 of the animated series. These movies would introduce characters and ideas that the TV show never got a chance to explore. For this project, we focused on Sy-Klone and Anwat Gar. He and I will be posting the story in phases because believe it or not we still have more pictures we haven't finished painting. But we have let this teasing go on long enough.

    Our story begins with Sy-Klone after the final battle with King Hsss and Serpos. As the other Masters celebrate their victory, Sy-Klone finds himself restless. He thinks a flight through the Mystic mountains will relieve him of this disquiet, but on the way he encounters a strange creature made of wind. It sings to him, and calls him by name. He follows it, and it lures him half way across Eternia to a lone shrine on his island homeland of Anwat Gar. There, the creature takes the form of a woman. She reveals that she too is a native of Anwat Gar who has been sleeping these long centuries. The destruction of the Legacy Stones awakened her, and she has watched Sy-Klone, the last ember of their once mighty kingdom, with great interest.

    "You have forgotten your way, Warrior of the Wind," she tells him. "You were supposed to guard the Legacy Stones."

    "I have not forgotten," he says sadly. "The Legacy Stones were destroyed to keep them out of evil hands. I fight with the Masters to protect all of Eternia. There is nothing left for me in Anwat Gar."

    The Woman of Wind laughs at him playfully and begins to fade away. "Ah but there is, Wind Warrior. You guarded only two of the stones, but there remains the third and most powerful of them all. Find it Sy-Klone, as you were meant to in the beginning." When she disappears, Sy-Klone is awestruck. Could there still be a third Legacy Stone on Anwat Gar? He decides to search every inch of his old home until he finds it.
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