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Thread: 2-bad & General Stingrad's 'Origin of the Snakemen' (UPDATED 09/09)

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    2-bad & General Stingrad's 'Origin of the Snakemen' (UPDATED 09/09)

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    Origin of the Snakemen

    A Co-Op fanfic by 2-Bad and General Stingrad

    Chapter I: the Snake’s Venom

    Part I : Shattered Peace

    Eons ago, before the seed of evil spread across the land and casts it shadow across the realm of Eternia, the Planet was ruled by Great Leaders who were respected by all people.

    To the North was Eternos, ruled by the King Grayskull the great; it was the largest of the kingdoms. Grayskull was the fifth ruler of the tribe of Grayskull. Grayskull’s closest friend and advisor was a wizard and prophet known as Eldor.

    To the east was Zolacia, it was the center of all magic on Eternia and many of it’s greatest wizards and sages came from there. The leader of this noble land was by a being known as the “Ruler of Zolacia”.

    However neither Eternos nor Zolacia could compare to the kingdom of Serpia ruled by King Orphedius. The people of this land worship the god Serpos as it’s patron deity who was responsible for all the blessings in their lives & for the unlimited food supply. All the other kingdoms depended on Serpia for food and all other monarchs made sure to ally themselves with Serpia first, to ensure a share in their bounty.

    However this peace would be interrupted, an evil had stepped foot on Eternia once more- The being known as Horde Prime .The ancient demon wizard’s powers were almost godly . At first he made his return on Eternia go unnoticed, that is until he created a huge army at his disposal consisting of mutilated prisoners, thieves , assassins & some of the most horrid species of beings on Eternia. One by one attacked the villages of the Southern rim of Eternia & developed a huge Acropolis. The Eternians kept close watch on his activities. Then his eyes were set on the Kingdom of Serpia, which was bordering the southern rim.

    The people didn’t know about this darkness approaching, in fact evil was the last thing on their minds; it was their annual harvest celebration, a yearly celebration of the and King Ophedius had invited his three closet allies, Grayskull, Eldor, the “Ruler of Zolacia” to join in the festivities

    “This year brought quite a good harvest for Serpia” Eldor commented to his ally King Grayskull.

    “I agree, Grayskull. Their god has blessed them abundantly this year, what say you Eldor” The ruler of Zolacia commented. The Ruler of Zolacia was the oldest of the three monarchs; since Zolacia was the seat of all magic on Eternia it took decades to train the next king of that realm.

    “Yes, it has King Ophedius has a lot to be thankful for this year” Grayskull replied as they looked at the place of Serpia. Waiting for their ally to show up.

    Finally about noon, King Ophedius stepped out on to the balcony, “My friends, this year Serpos has given us a plentiful harvest this year and we praise him for that” he said raising his eyes toward the sky in prayer.

    “HAIL SERPOS!” the crowed roared in response it was then that Eldor looked up at the sky and saw something eclipse the sun.

    The wizard turns to Grayskull, “King Grayskull we must assemble the council, I fear the nameless terror from the bottom of the world has arrived.” He informed his friend.
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