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Thread: 2-bad & General Stingrad's 'Origin of the Snakemen' (UPDATED 09/09)

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    Chapter 8

    First of all, A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you. AS promised heres the next chapter...

    Chapter 8


    The smoke cleared & a huge battalion of The Serpentis Imperium came into view. The battle was moments away from starting. Greyskull had tried his best to avoid such Carnage but the War was beyond his control. Greyskull began to declare “Today we fight for what is ours. Eternia has long been threatened by the Serpians. After this battle only one side will emerge victorious. It’s either them or us. There is No Escape , no Surrender. Fighting our way to victory is the only solution. I know you all will make Eternia proud.”

    “Kill all who stand in your way. Leave no prisoners. The time of the ‘Snakemen’ rule has arrived & no Eternian can stop us. Onward to battle my brethren.” declared the Serpian King. He then looked at the young prince who was kept under Rattlor’s care. “Rattlor make sure Hsss remains safe.” He ordered his General.

    “Till the time I die My King. Nothing will happen to the Prince.” Ensured Rattlor.

    The young Prince tried to convince Serpon for entering the battle but Serpon Clearly refused by saying, “Too much is at stake. If anything should happen to me you must end what I have started & rule the people of Serpia.” With that the King began to lead his warriors to Battle.

    Greyskull’s forces began to prepare themselves by gathering in front of the Three Towers as Serpon gave a screeching battle cry.

    All was silent when suddenly a stroke of lightning hit the Central tower. But it was no ordinary lighting. As the clouds cleared, a horde of Serpenitaurs led by Fangman began to attack the Eternian army. With the army distracted Serpon ordered his ground forces to attack with full force.

    Both forces clashed arms for the battle which would determine the fate of Eternia.
    Greyskull ordered his forces to stick to their ground as he went to take care of the Serpenitaur problem. Fangman ordered his minions to attack the King who headed straight for them. The Serpenitaurs attacked with great force but King Greyskull’s power overwhelmed them. After realizing Greyskull’s power, the Serpenitaurs backed off from the battle despite of Fangman’s commands.

    Greyskull then returned to help his warriors in battle. “I have to stop this senseless violence even if it means slaying Ophedius’ son. Without him the Serpians will not be in a position to continue the battle.” Greyskull thought to himself . Mustering all his strength he headed straight towards the Serpon.

    Serpon prepared himself for the upcoming threat. The Serpian soldiers tried to stop Greyskull from reaching their leader but to no avail.

    As weapons clashed & sparks flew the two Kings engaged into a brawl. “Your reputation precedes you Greyskull. Your Swordsmanship is far superior then I expected.
    A shame you will meet your end.” commented Serpon. He began to attack Greyskull mercilessly but Greyskull managed to block his sear Blade each time.

    “Eternia will never fall into the hands of you Snakes. I’ll make sure of that.” replied King Greyskull.

    Serpon then quickly jumped far from Greyskull onto a ledge behind him & raised the Medallion of Serpos “ Prepare to experience the full fury of the God Beast, Serpos arise!!!”

    The Ground began to shake & once more the giant beast arose from within it & gave chilling screech which spread across the battlefield.

    “Mighty Serpos show these Eternians your true power. Burn their new fortress into ashes so that they realize there is no stopping the Snakemen!” ordered Serpon. The giant three headed snake headed straight for the towers on his command.

    Greyskull tried to run after the beast to try & stop it but Serpon created a barrier encircling them.
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