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Thread: POP designs: Which do you like better?

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    Another poll that is showing how much people prefers She-Ra with cartoon style!

    Quote Originally Posted by twinAJ1 View Post
    Interesting thought Zodak74. I'm very pro-cartoon, but I see your point with Glimmer and Angella. BUt also remember than the MOTU toys, even though they matched well with the toon, were also MUCH more ornate in design than the cartoon and the shortcuts they used. Randor's toon and toy are different but both are cool.

    But bar none, cartoon She-Ra whoops toy She-Ra. I'd love to see a mix of both. Kinda like this.

    Though admittedly, I hate Swift Wind being pink. Gimme the toon anyday
    Mmmm Twin, I don't would to see an hybrid, this time I would to see more Filmation looks in the characters... with a little more details, but Filmation likeness!

    Edit - Oh, just one comment:

    If you like the 80 PoP dolls, no problem to me because you have alread from 20 years!
    Toys fan want to have the same in the Classics line, I don't understand... rooted hair, etc.... you have alread this!
    Let us have finally a Filmation She-Ra & Co. dreamed for several years please!
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    Heroic Warrior octavio's Avatar
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    Defenetely the cartoon designs.

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    Heroic Warrior Bowhead Whale's Avatar
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    In the overall, I like the cartoon concepts better: the toys look a little too "Barbie-like" for me, as it has already been told. Plus, in the cartoon, they put a lot more characters than in the toyline; characters who SHOULD have been made as toys (Shadow Weaver, Octavia, Imp, Sorrowful, Scorpia, Madame Razz and Broom). Why didn't Mattel bring them to three dimensions!?

    But there are a few exceptions. I prefer Toy Arrow to Filmation Arrow. The Filmation version looks nothing like the original one and that bothers me a lot. If Filmation wanted him look more "realistic", why didn't they bring a GREY horse instead of a chestnut one!? Grey is far closer to blue than brown! Plus, like Zodak74 pointed out, Filmation's Catra doesn't look "feline" enough. And what an annoying voice...

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    MOTUC fan! Evil_Horde's Avatar
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    The cartoon is better!

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    Villainous Jerk RavenousPuma's Avatar
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    The cartoon is better....real hair of the old toyline always throws me off....

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    Heroic Italian Warrior PaoloKr's Avatar
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    I would prefer a mix of both.
    Maybe two heads for some characters (like Bow or Catra).
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    The Great Eternal! GrtEternal's Avatar
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    There are just some characters that look better in thier toy form than thier toon self. Glimmer comes to mind. Her "doll" form looks more elegant than her "blah" toon form. Same with Frosta, IMO.

    I like Casta on both but her toy form is brilliant-er. Spinnerella and Netossa looks cooler on thie toy form too.
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    Heroic Warrior Teelor's Avatar
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    I feel the toy costumes, for the most part, are too frilly and complicated. I prefer the simpler, more streamlined designs fo the scart9on show.

    It's too bad Mattel and Filmation could not bridge the gap between the designs. It certainly would have reinforced the toys' marketability, which would probably have made it longer running and more successful. (Also, it's too bad Mattel didn't produce boy-oriented versions of the some of the more popular She-Ra characters. As many boys watched She-ra as girls.)
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    Mix 'n' Match Monger wallbie's Avatar
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    I like the cartoon best because it's the one I'm most familiar with. I never had the toys unless you count the Horde figures from MOTU.

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    Heroic Warrior Trogdor's Avatar
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    Filmation Frosta was best. And if a figure of her is to be made for the classic BETTER be like the filmation version, bangs and all.

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    Why not? j-bird's Avatar
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    I voted for both equally, but that's not entirely true ... I would have actually voted for the toys, but She-Ra was just too much better in the cartoon.

    Angella: The toy for sure - I don't necessarily love all the pink, but the colors of the cartoon version were horrific, and I just liked the design of the toy much better.

    Glimmer: Again, toy all the way - but if the cartoon version would have had the toy color scheme and staff, then it might have been a different story.

    Frosta: She's great either way, although the deeper blue of the cartoon version was nice.

    Castaspella: I much prefer the golds/light oranges/yellows of the toy version.

    Catra: Toy again for me ... maybe I should have voted toy versions. Anyway, her toy look was gorgeous, and the cartoon version was a skinny, haggard-looking witch. I much prefer the red (well, light red), black, and silver to the red and purple of the cartoon.

    Bow: Toy. The cartoon version's moustache was, well, suck-tastic.

    Double Trouble: Well, since she never appeared in the cartoon ...

    She-Ra/Adora: Cartoon for sure. She looked to "princess" and not enough "power" in the toy version to me. I mean, I don't hate the vintage figure by any means, but the cartoon version was definitely preferable to me. And the addition of a separate version of Adora was a super plus.

    Entrapta: I always liked the shiny gold toy version better than the dully-colored cartoon version.

    The cartoon did have advantages though, like Scorpia and Octavia, who never appeared in the toy line ... although, it looks like I really should have voted for the toy versions instead of both. Live and learn.

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    Über Fan Adam_Prince of Eternia's Avatar
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    Princess of Power action figure designs by nightwing1975:

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    Heroic Warrior PaulPjas's Avatar
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    Hmm i went for the cartoon version...

    I guess the way I see it is I always thought the toys should have been made to look and resemble the cartoon since the majority of kids (including some boys like me) watched and enjoyed She-ra as much as He-Man and yet so many characters were never even made let alone looked like the show we were watching.

    I really agree with what was mentioned further up this thread about Filmation and Mattel not getting together properly on this..I totally think the show could of lasted longer if they had. One thing i'll never understand is after seeing the style guide for PoP toys and it having alot of characters virtually in the filmation outfits why didnt they do them like this?

    After seeing the amazing job MOTUC have done with Adora though,i'm hoping we get a few more that are 'Filmation like' designs from the style guide...all the ladies that were made in the 80's and Bow and even Hordak are in the style guides and so can be done Filmation style!

    I still like the original vintage figures obviously, the rooted hair did make me think I was asking for girls toys though lol.

    Oh and Mattel never making a Shadoweaver or Scorpia? It's oh so wrong!

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    Those are all awesome.

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    Heroic Warrior
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    The cartoon hands down. Although, I do prefer the toy Glimmer to the cartoon one.

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    Eternian Henchman motu77's Avatar
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    I'm in the minority here and picked the toys. I guess it's because the toys were my first exposure to POP and I didn't see the cartoon version until a few years later.
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    Heroic Warrior mermaidliz's Avatar
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    Cartoon version ALL the way
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    Total 80s Fanatic Leviathan's Avatar
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    I actually liked the cartoon better. My sister had the figures and She-Ra's head dress really bothered me.
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    Rebel Jubilation's Avatar
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    I voted that I liked both as I feel that some of the toys had better designs and the cartoon in come cases (Angella & Casta) had better designs.

    I just hope that Angella will be in the cartoon style look if she is made into a figure for MOTUC.

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    The original CARTOON!

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    Translucent Talent Queen Grayskull's Avatar
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    The original Cartoon!
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    Lord of the Patch baronterror's Avatar
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    well I mean of course the toon.

    But I do want a classic toy Catra MOTUC Variant.

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    Heroic Warrior Dayvid's Avatar
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    The Cartoon for me!

    The toyline was cool - I personally wasn't a fan of their doll look. But i understand why they did it, it worked for what it was. I watched the TV show (and He-Man) before i ever saw the toyline. So for example, Glimmers curly hair didn't make sense to me. Nor did Castaspella's color scheme. Their outfits weren't TOO different from the TV show.... Catra was the one, for me, that was changed a great deal for the filmation show. Making her part of the Horde was the best move... she looked a lot better in horde gear.

    The only two i prefer as a doll than her filmation look were Entrapta and Perfuma. Wasn't a fan of their Filmation look.

    Other than that, the TV show is what i remember. And it's what i prefer

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    Big shock, I voted for the cartoon versions

    I actually thought all of the toys looked rather ugly, even creepy looking.

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    Heroic Warrior Mezmiro's Avatar
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    I voted both. Not because I actually do like them equally, but because each character has a version I prefer.
    Angella - toy line by a mile
    Catra - Filmation, she has a Horde symbol. That alone is worth the price of admission for me.
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