while looking through the mini-comics section of the .org i noticed that several mini-comics came with the same figure twice

for example fisto came with both Clash of arms and masks of power

zodac came with Slave city and Vengance of skeletor

while some only had one e.g. only teela came with tale of teela and only ram-man appered in he-man meets ram man.

i was wondering if this was right, were 2 fistos released with either comic, were the comics inserted randomly into the packages? i've never opened a vintage MOTU toy so dont know much about the mini-comics. were they easy to see? if not was it a random chance on which ones you got?

also which mini-comics are the hardest to find i hear Tale of teela, Ultimate battleground (eternia) and Powers of grayskull the legend begins (the 3 dinosaurs) are difficult to find. are there any others?

can someone help me out please?