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Thread: French Battlecat with Upper Lip Cleft

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    French Battlecat with Upper Lip Cleft

    Hi again, guys!

    Today, while playing with my Masters at office, I took a closer look at the battle cat I got there. And it is the ugliest Battle cat I have ever seen.

    The paintjob is quite bad, the pattern looks like whipmarks instead of brushstrokes, - both halfs are glued together horribly, you can see straight thru it, but the best part is its upper lips. Have a look yourself:

    I am not sure what that is. But it is not battlecat.

    Were there both molds for both sides broken?
    Why the hell was that even painted over, as if it was part of the mouth?
    Is this common? I hope not ... poor french children.

    Just wanted to tell you,
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    The mouth is disturbing, but those EYES!!!

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    I can confirm to you, most of the "made in France" Motu toys are just insane (many of them because the quality, sculpts, paints etc) but your Battle Cat is just one of the worst that I have never seen

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