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Thread: Red Clips!

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    Red Clips!

    Are the red clips that fit into the backs of Terror Claws Skeletor and Flying Fists He-Man identical or are they different sculpts for each figure?

    Basically, does one fit both?


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    They are different. Some claim they're the same but I've had both and they are not compatible- my TC Skeletor early this year came with a FFHM clip and it wouldn't attach. Be careful if buying on eBay, ask the seller to show the clip attached if you need to. They are the more expensive part of both figures so buying a wrong one is going to be costly.

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    Yeah, I had both as a kid too and remember them being different. Visually, they look identical, but, if I remember correctly, the hook parts that clip into the body just don't grab in the wrong figure.

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    I don't have them in front of me, but if memory serves, He-Man's clip is wider to accommodate the wider shaft on his mace. Skeletor's skull... thingy... had a narrower "neck".
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