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Thread: Please explain these 'variants' to me

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    Please explain these 'variants' to me

    Today I went through my horde of extra MOTU stuff and came across a couple of itemsthat puzzled me. Please help with any info you have.

    1. Battle Cat: I have two different Battle Cats one has lots of orange stripes and even orange around of the mouth the other has fewer stripes that are yellow and red around the mouth.

    2. Triklops armor I have several armor pieces that are the bright green but I have one that is dark green.

    3. Astro Lion brown and yellow.

    4. Snake Mountain dark green unpainted Snake with dark purple base.

    5. Hard Faker head where the blue is peeling off the face revealing orange like the hair, unlike the other ones I have that are blue molds.

    If need be I can supply pictures.

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    See this topic about Battle is THE SAME for all figures...there are many international and production variants of MOTU figures.

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