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Thread: Help identifying weapons/accessories

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    Help identifying weapons/accessories

    I recently bought a huge lot of figures without weapons or accessories. Unfortunately the guy listed them all in another auction and I wasn't able to win it. Anyway, there were a few other auctions for weapons/accessories but they went for way more than I expected.

    Can you guys take a look at these (all competed) and tell me what special pieces you see that would take these so high? I'm still trying to learn what things are worth so I don't over pay when trying to complete my collection.


    Lot D

    Lot C

    Lot B

    Lot A

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    Bro thats just how much accessories go for. In lot A i see ninjors bow and some of he-man's gear. Those always sell for a grip. Lot B is boo boo toilet chili. C and D both have he-man's stuff but the swords look broke and chewed on. A chewed on sword is custom and one of a kind. Na the accessories just go for a lot bud.

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    Lot D has a Red Clip from Terror Claws Skeletor that is quite hard to find, worth probably $25 on it's own (though its been a while since I've been on the market for one of those, so it could be way more).

    Lot C has 2 unbroken Power Swords, which I guess are desired (in any color)??? This one seems like it may have been over-bid.

    Lot B - honestly nothing that catches my eye here. All the Power Swords are broken. I would only pay $15 tops for this one.

    Lot A has another Red Clip from Terror Claws Skeletor, some Hurricane Hordak weapons, a Multi-Bot gun... this is a really nice random weapons lot, but I still wouldn't pay $90 for it...

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