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Thread: Stands available for classic MOTU / POP figures???

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    What height are those kaiser stands that work with MOTU?

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    figure stands

    I am not sure if this is somewhere i couldnt find it.....

    I am looking for some time of figure stand for my vintage figures. i have putty stuff that is used for posters on walls and it has worked for some of my figures but no for all of them

    any idea....thanks in advance

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    Some black figure stands came with the vintage board game. They were included so you could use actual figures instead of the cardboard cutouts. If you don't loosen them up first, they'll sometimes dig little impressions in your figures' feet, but just soften them (heat works great) and you're good.

    Somebody once reversed engineered those exact stands and also cast them in blue and red. I bought a bunch of the red ones one time and they were great. I don't stand my figures anymore (no room), so I gave them all away to people who might use them. I do still have the 10 or so that came with the vintage board game. They're easy to find in incomplete game auctions, and you might also get a bunch of the cool gold double sided power swords!

    That's one of many options, but I like the idea that they're mattel product meant specifically for the figures. They don't work on some figures, but those same figures seem to stand just fine (leech), except for the really odd ones (Twistoid etc).

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    I actually bought a bunch of black Kaiser stands for 5" figures. You can even use them to hold up Twistoid and Rotar. I can't post a link here but you can look them up on Amazon.
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    Stands for Original Figures?

    Some years ago on the forums, somebody was offering stands for original MOTU figures. I recall they were just rectangular plastic with foot clips, and maybe came in black, red, and whatever other color. I seem to recall they had a site where they sold them, as well.

    Anyway, come 2013 I've been looking for some and have had zero luck finding them. Anyone recall these, or know of a good alternative? Searching the forums hasn't given me much to go on.

    EDIT: Whoops, admins redirected me here. After browsing this, I think they were repros of the board game stands that Jawbridge mentioned.
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    These Kaiser stands for 3.5" to 5" figures seem like they are a good bet. The product description says they stand height is adjustable to between 2-3", and the King Randor figure I'm holding measures just under 3" from waist to foot:

    I'm going to get 12 pack and see if they work for vintage MOTU. I'm also hoping these will work to hold up my female Thundercats figures, as they don't like to stand on their own very well.

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    I use Kaiser 1001 stands, and they seem to work fine. But I prefer the stands that came in the MOTU board game.

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