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Thread: WANTED: Skeleton Warriors figurines (Playmates 1994)

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    WANTED: Skeleton Warriors figurines (Playmates 1994)

    I'm interested in a skeletal dog figurine that was packaged with one of the Skeleton Warriors figures, Grimskull (Playmates 1994). I'd be interested in 2 of these figurines loose and also the mini skeletal dragon, if anyone has them lying around. They're for a custom figure. I may be willing to buy a Mint in Package Grimskull if the price is affordable. Anyone?

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    hey I have a couple of those lying around

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    Hi , which figure is Grimskull as i think a have a MOC one lying around somewhere and its in perfect C9.5 condition....

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    hi again , i just checked and i have a MOC Grimskull in C9.5 case fresh condition for sale if you want it.... Just shoot me a PM , cheers
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