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Thread: Bad color choices for some figures..

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    Bad color choices for some figures..

    I have spent the last year rebuilding my Vintage MOTU collection. I have had my Castle Grayskull since I was a kid and decided to get all the figures that I used have. Well, one thing lead to another and now I have almost everything through 1985.

    I guess I have hit a snag. The remaining figures that I would need to round out 1985 are Sy-Klone and Faker. While I am still working on getting a worthy Faker, I canít seem to bring myself to spend the money on Sy-Klone.

    I just canít bring myself to like the primary colors that they used to create this figure. I was also not a big fan of the colors they used for Attak Trak, Land Shark or the Talon Fighter (although Talon Fighter is just too cool to pass up).

    Is this superficial or does anyone else find the colors too toddler toyish? Are there any color schemes you find unappetizing?

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    I'm not a big fan of yellow and blue either. I do dig Faker's colors a lot, even though they do look like a color scheme you'd find on playground equipment

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    I do find them a bit "preschool" for lack of a better term. I see nothing too bad, comparable to Superman, Spider-man, etc. Very much a product of their time.

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    These "toys" were produced for children 5+, most were purchased because of color concept alone as young children rarely paid attention to story lines.
    The true power of childhood is imagination.

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    I'm not a fan of SyKlone either, he just doesn't really work as a MOTU character and the colors are too bright. I could accept him being an alien off-worlder like Rio Blast(who is more BraveStarr than MOTU but excused by being from another planet) but he's native, apparently, and retconned into being the same race as Keldor. His design doesn't make sense in that regard. I'm not real sure if new colors would really make me interested though, I just don't much care for the figure.

    Dark face Grizzlor was a mistake too, since the face and limbs don't match up. It does honestly evoke black face a bit with the mismatch, which is probably why it was a low run, if they'd gone with one color for everything it would have worked better- which is what they eventually did.

    I don't mind Faker, I prefer it to the infinite "black with red accents" evil versions we've had with Nemesis Prime, Dark Link, Anti-Eternia He-Man... if you really need one mint, the commemorative isn't too hard to find boxed. It lacks the sticker, but you can print/order one of you need to or just ignore it since the armor hid it anyway.

    I see why Filmation changed Evil-Lyn to something better. Today she looks like a Simpsons character, and even back then the colors were rather primary.

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