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Thread: Vintage MOTU Touch Up Paint?

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    Vintage MOTU Touch Up Paint?

    Anyone out there find good/accurate paint brands and colors for touching up vintage MOTU figures? If so, paint brand and color names and what figures they go to would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

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    I use tamiya generally... and i just eyeball it when it comes to matching colours.

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    Sometimes you just have to take the part or figure with you to match the color directly. Walmart's craft paints are usually good enough, if you have an acrylic sealer. Though very tiny dot scratches I don't seal, just be careful for a few days while the paint cures. CURES, not dries. It can take 72 hours for the acrylic to properly harden.

    Ordering paints online doesn't really guarantee a match, your monitor may not show a photo of the paint as it actually appears because monitor brightness and other settings goof with how things display.

    You may have to mix paints if it's an odd color. You really have to best guess by taking the closest 2 or 3 and putting them together. The "dark purple" Dragon Blaster Skeletor required a dark purple, dark blue and tiny amount of black to get the right color. I had 2 tiny ships on my MOTUC Laser Skeletor's face- 2 shades of yellow with a tiny amount of blue to match it because it's got a very slight green tint to it. And you have to mix lighter than the color you want as acrylic darkens when it dries. In that regard you may have to do some trial & error to match, mix some, let it dry and see how the color comes out.

    Thin paints with a bit of water to hide brush streaks and do it in several layers. With very tiny spots though I don't bother to thin, a 1mm square spot tends to be more problematic with thinned paint, not enough color goes on, and it's not like you will get brush streaks with a small dot.

    Depending on if you can get a proper match, sometimes it may be better to match as close as possible and paint the entire area, than ahave a spot that's not a total match.

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