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Thread: AFA grading system

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    AFA grading system

    Hi at all,

    i heard, that it's now possible at Afa, to grade lose figures with their weapons. I want to grade some of my lose ones, but i don't understand their system.

    So what do i have to pay?
    What can i choose?
    How long does it takes?

    can anybody help?
    Has someone made this already?

    Or is it possible to get custom boxes for the Classics.

    Cloudcity told me that they can do something like this, but it would cost US$40/case.
    And i think this is too much

    Is it perhaps possible to use this case for a lose Motu Fig:
    Cloudcity auction

    Or are their any other Boxes i can use for some lose figures??
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    If you want just the case, you can buy the equivalent of star cases for loose MOTU figures (about $2.00); if you want the hard acrylic case, AFA's price is roughly $14. You pay for shipping both ways.

    Their grading is based on several factors: paint wear, a figure's stiffness/looseness, correct paint application, scratches, and so on. Look to either AFA's website for grading criteria or Cloud City's website for their grading criteria. This should give you a good approximation of what to expect.
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