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Thread: Open Letter to Skeletor - Humor

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    Open Letter to Skeletor - Humor

    Greetings my fellow Masters,

    A friend of mine sent this to me knowing my passion for Masters of the Universe. I figured everyone on here would get a kick out of it. I was going to post the "letter" directly on here but I thought it might be too long. Enjoy.

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    OMG! That was funny! The way he worded everything was great. I loved how he pointed out Skeletor's management style flaws. He doesn't know how to manage people.

    How can anyone be afraid of anyone named Evelyn? And how he dissed Faker and Merman in one swoop - Funny sh-tuff.

    (I guess today is a parody day. I wrote a dialogue between Evil-Lyn and her psycho-therapist.)
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