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Thread: HIV/AIDS Blue Man Group Fan Chairty

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    HIV/AIDS Blue Man Group Fan Chairty

    Howdy, My comrade at arms John "petro" Petty typed this up for a promo release, please take time to read it and help if you can.

    For those of you who didn't know I own/run a website called Blue Man Library (BML). This site is built for fans of the musical/artistic group Blue Man Group (BMG). I will post links to the sites mentioned in this email at the bottom. Our website/fan base tries to have gatherings that we call fan meets every year. Every few years we do what we call a "Monster" meet where numbers typically eclipse the 50 people mark. The Monster meets are designed planned and set up by myself and other owner of the website along with help from people at BMG.

    This year the BML is proud to announce we are hosting our Monster Meet in Chicago on July 21st. Besides just being a time for friends to meet up again and new fans to meet others in person for the first time we will also be seeing a show together(typical of fan meets), but more importantly this year the BML has made a mission to raise at least $1000 for charity. Last time we held a Monster Meet we raised just over $500 in pure donations.

    This year we hope to double it and we a couple new things that might help us accomplish this. First we have made our very own online store via cafepress. On this store we sell items BMG themed or more importantly fan and BML themed items. All items have a small markup to give us some profit to go towards charity. Our biggest selling item at the moment is a CD that is composed of fan tributes and music plus some extras. We have fans that own their own musical studios, we have aspiring musicians hoping to make it big, and we even have some songs from BMG themselves and some of their actors. We were given the blessing by Blue Man Productions to produce this CD and they liked the idea so much they gave us a previously unreleased song to sell for the charity.

    We have a second option for making donations to the charity. Since purchasing from the store only gives us $2-$11 profit per product we wanted to offer a way for fans and kind hearted people to just make pure donations. So now the BML has a bank account that is connected to paypal. We have a premier account which allows us to accept credit and or debit cards without the user having to join paypal. Paypal users can also donate money. This is simple and secure as paypal has been around for quite sometime.

    The charity that we are going to give the donation to is Camp Heartland. I will give a short summary about Camp Heartland, but for more information please visit the link that is list at the end of the email. Camp Heartland was started by Neil Willenson in 1993. Neil had a promising career after graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a Film/TV degree. All was according to plan till he read an article from hometown paper. The title of the article was "AIDS hysteria in Mequon.". The article was about a young boy who wanted to attend kindergarten, but was AIDS positive. The town was up in arms and was essentially freaking out while a young 5 year old boy just wanted to go to school like any other normal 5 year old kid.

    Neil got involved by getting to know Nile and his whole family and eventually made an award winning documentary called "One More Day - a Family Living with AIDS." So in 1993, inspired by Nile Sandeen, Neil Willenson founded Camp Heartland - a summer camp program that accepted both children infected with AIDS and children who were affected by the disease.

    Neil took the time and in a way put his life on hold for this great cause and now the BML wants to help this great cause. We hope that all fans of Blue Man Group or just people who are touched by the story of Neil and Nile will be so generous to make a donation. Unlike raising money for research this isn't going to pay for scientist and campaigns this is going right to the camp to help the children who attend. This camp gives the kids a chance to act and feel like normal kids should without having to worry about ridicule from kids and adults alike. It is their safe haven. All donations/profits the BML receives will be going to Camp Heartland. The only thing the BML gets out of this is the peace of mind knowing we helped in some way make a child's day brighter.

    On the front page of the BML we have a paypal button and directly under that is the amount of money we have raised and then the goal we hope to achieve. The total raised number is typically updated on a daily basis. We hope to far exceed the $1000 goal and with the help of you and others it should not be a problem. We hope to hand over a big check (both in physically and in amount) to Neil in person in Chicago on July 21.

    I am not one to spam people or ask for things from others and I have never given as much as I could to charity in the past, but this story touched me more than others. I think more of us are affected in some way shape or form by HIV/AIDS then any of us know. This is your chance to help put a smile on a young child's face that was affected by a disease that he/she never had a choice. Please pass this message on to other family or friends that you may feel may want to contribute to this great cause. If for some reason you don't want to go through the BML to make your donation please visit the Camp Heartland website for more information.

    Thank you for taking your time to read through this. Here are the links to both the BML and Camp Heartland.

    Joe "rotcav" Burke

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    I love Blue Man Group!

    I'll have to read this later though.
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