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Thread: The "Getting to Know All About You" Thread--User Profiles

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    You Want A Piece Of Me? Tee-Ra's Avatar
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    Feb 2003
    Rhode Island
    Why the hell not,
    Real Name - Amara
    Other Screen Names - xvkayuravx
    Gender - Female
    Hair Color - Brown, Black if I dye it.
    Eye Color - Hazel
    Height - 5'7"
    Status - Single
    Birthdate - July 9th
    Location - Providence, RI

    Interests - Cartoons, Anime, Tigers, Garfield
    Hobbies - Cooking, Clubbing, Collecting, Malling
    I Collect - Garfield and Tiger paraphenalia. Transformers, Inuyasha, MOTU.
    Clothing Style - Aeropostale, American Eagle, Banana Republic usually. But when I'm feeling right I wear something from my Hot Topic wardrobe or from one of my favorite little stores.
    Favorite Characters - Sorceress, Evil Lyn, Batgirl, Inuyasha...the list just goes on and on.

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    Heroic Warrior Zincdust's Avatar
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    Jan 2001
    Vancouver, WA
    Real Name-Randy Taylor
    Other Screen Names-Zincdust72
    Hair Color-It *WAS* dark brown
    Eye Color-Brown
    Status-Married to my lovely wife, with a beautiful little 2-year old daughter
    Birthdate-September 23rd, 1972
    Birthplace-Emmett, Idaho
    Location-Pasco, Washington

    Interests-MOTU, GI Joe, WWE, Star Wars, Transformers
    Hobbies-Action figures & video games
    I Collect-See above
    Clothing Style-Mostly a T-shirt & jeans kinda guy

    Favorite Characters-The Beast, Count Dooku, General Grievous, IG-88, Mr. Perfect, Ravishing Rick Rude, The Honky Tonk Man, Zartan, Blow-Torch, Barbecue, Mutt & Junkyard, Mario, Luigi, Link, Mega Man, Mer-Man, Trap Jaw, Zodak & Tri-Klops.
    I'm a winner... maybe.

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    Heroic MI-6 Agent He-Manis007's Avatar
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    Jun 2004

    Name, Rank, Serial Number

    Name: Benjamin J. Adams
    Rank: Admiral (He's fine...)
    Other Screen Names: benadams1980 on both Yahoo and AIM.
    Gender: Male. Definitely male.
    Hair Color: Light brown.
    Eye Color: Dark blue.
    Height: 5'10", 240 and dropping steadily (whoo-hoo, take that underactive thyroid!)
    Status: Beautiful girl friend who I'm working on seeing if I can eliminate the space between girl and friend
    Birthdate: March 20, 1980.
    Birthplace: Hartford, CT. USA
    Location: Somers, CT. USA *It's the prison town!...seriously, the Connecticut State Prison is in my town*

    Interests: Star Trek, Star Wars, He-Man, James Bond, Doctor WHO, Patriots football, beating up friends in various ways.
    I Collect: Posters, Figures and Patriots jerseys.
    Clothing Style: I'm never in style so I can't go out of style.

    Favorite Characters: Captain James T. Kirk, Commander Will Riker, Tom Baker's Doctor WHO and of course... The Most Powerful Man in the Universe!
    Live in the Connecticut/SW Massachusetts area? Need a tutor for you or your kids? PM me!

    The name is Bond.... James Bond.

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    Über Fan Adam_Prince of Eternia's Avatar
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    May 2001
    Chicago, IL
    Real Name: Burl

    Other Screen Names: Adam_PoE; super_hottie_2; IMaSuperHottie2

    Gender: male

    Hair Color: blonde

    Eye Color: blue

    Height: 5' 7"

    Status: single / seeing someone special

    Birthdate: 02 November 80

    Birthplace: Rockford, IL

    Location: Machesney Park, IL

    Interests: design; feng shui; philosophy

    Hobbies: dance; gymnastics; martial arts; pilates; yoga

    I Collect: MotU; PoP; NA

    Clothing Style: Express; Hollister; boutique

    Favorite Characters: Too numerous to list.

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    Heroic Warrior Mosquitor87's Avatar
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    Nov 2001
    Surprise, Arizona U.S.A.
    Real Name-Kenneth
    Other Screen Names-I do have others, but I find myself always on this site.
    Hair Color-Brown
    Eye Color-Brown
    Birthdate-April 12 1977
    Birthplace-Glendale, Arizona
    Location-Surprise, Arizona

    Interests-Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, G.I.Joe, Psychobilly, Rockabilly, Old School Punk Rock and Horror Movies.
    Hobbies-Concerts, Movies, Camping, Road Trips, Racing Homing Pigeons and Collecting Vintage and New MOTU Items.
    Clothing Style-T-Shirt, Jeans, Ball Cap and Cons or Vans.

    Favorite Characters- He-Man, Skeletor, Mosquitor, Hordak, Zartan, Monkeywrench, Cobra Commander, Lion-O, Mum-Ra, Jagga, Michael Myers, Dr. Loomis, Pinhead and Freddy Krueger.
    No sacrifice is for nothing, if it helps other people. - He-Man
    Episode: Eye of the beholder

    Market place feedback:

    Member of the Arizona Mazters!

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    Heroic Warrior DamageCity's Avatar
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    May 2003
    somewhere you must never go
    Real Name- Lee
    Other Screen Names-DeadByDawn
    Hair Color-Brown
    Eye Color-Brown
    Birthdate-March 28, 1977
    Birthplace-Prince Albert, Saskatchewan Canada
    Location-Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

    Interests-Industrial Music, Gothic Music, Japanese RPGs, game Consoles
    Hobbies-Getting Drunk
    I Collect-Music, Figures, Videogames
    Clothing Style-Mostly black, nothing with any sort of writing on it unless it is a band t-shirt.

    Favorite Characters-Skeletor, Megatron, Omega Supreme
    My Videogame List at

    I am a slave to the Japanese Train system.

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    Colors make you happy! Rainbow Brite's Avatar
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    Rainbow Land of course!
    Quote Originally Posted by Chaz-Man
    Bumping it up. How might I talk the mods to pin this thread to the first page, to make sure the user profiles will always be available for all to use, post, and update their profiles?
    Was there ever a profiles page for the board members? I made a little one for my Rainbow Brite board ( It hasn't been updated in ages...but something like that for this board would be cool. This board is MUCH larger than mine it may be too big of a project.

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    Oracle of Fabulousity Kevenn's Avatar
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    Sep 2001
    Lakewood, OH
    Real Name-Kevenn
    Other Screen Names-None, really. I keep it easy like that.
    Hair Color-Brown with golden highlights and red lowlights
    Eye Color-blue
    Birthdate-May 17
    Birthplace-Charleston, South Carolina
    Location-Lakewood, Ohio - right by Cleveland, the Ass of Ohio

    Interests-DC Comics(Wonder Woman and DC Heroines, Aquaman especially), Geri Halliwell, Oz, Xena, Babylon 5, Female vocalists, drawing, gay stuff
    Hobbies-drawing, singing, action figure collecting, comic book collecting, shopping
    I Collect-action figures, comic books, Oz books
    Clothing Style-Express, Kenneth Cole, GAP, Aereopostle, Urban Outfitters

    Favorite Characters-Wonder Woman, She-Ra, Donna Troy, Catwoman, Kole, Vixen, Black Canary, Batgirl/Oracle, Sorceress, Huntress, Teela, Delenn, Lyta Alexander, Gabrielle, Xena, Minya, Scraps the Patchwork Girl of Oz

    "Yep! And now I'm gonna blast ya!" - Orko to Skeletor in "Lessons"

    WANT: Twiggets, Hunga, Josh, Joya/Bubblerina, King Ahgo, Wise Old Wizardess,
    Crimson Fury, Melog, Kowla, Red Eye, Staghorn, ALL New Adventures, Sharella,
    Gray, Kittrina, Melaktha, Miranda, Lt. Andra, Illumina, Lady Slither, MYP Evil-Lyn,
    MYP Sorceress, King Miro, Songster, Scrollos, Kayla, Skeleteen

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    That Marvelous SOB sonofblaine's Avatar
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    Jun 2005
    Charlotte, NC, USA
    Real Name-Daniel
    Other Screen Names-Just Blaine (the sonof is because Blaien alone wont' cut it most of the time when picking a username)
    Hair Color-Brown
    Eye Color-green-blue
    Status-Single w/GF
    Birthdate-Nov 25 1979
    Birthplace-Gastonia, NC
    Location-Gastonia, NC
    Deathplace-Probably Gastonia, NC

    Interests-Masters of the Universe, Films
    Hobbies-Collecting vintage MOTU, films, reading satire
    Clothing Style-T-Shirts and cargo pants (the pockets are nice to carry notebook, novel, ipod, GBA, etc. I have ADD and get bored VERY easilly)

    Favorite Characters- Skeletor, Mosquitor, Hordak, Zartan, Cobra Commander, Shokoti, Masque, Optimus Prime, Devestator, Starscream, Unicron, Frank Langella's Skeletor
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    Laissez les bon temps rou Chaz-Man's Avatar
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    Haltom City, Texas
    Quote Originally Posted by Rainbow Brite
    Was there ever a profiles page for the board members? I made a little one for my Rainbow Brite board ( It hasn't been updated in ages...but something like that for this board would be cool. This board is MUCH larger than mine it may be too big of a project.
    We have little profiles when you click on our screen names, but other than that, I've never seen one.

    Incidently, since this thread was inspired by Judith's suggestion in another thread, I find it odd she has yet to post a profile of her own.

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    Heroic Warrior Stratos's Avatar
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    May 2001
    Avion, Eternia

    Real Name-Jason
    Other Screen Names-Havoc (CountingDown), Tirian (NarniaFans), Marc Wrecker (GaiaOnline)
    Hair Color-Brown
    Eye Color-Brown
    Height-5' 11"
    Birthdate-May 26, 1975
    Birthplace-Subic Bay, Phillipines
    Location-Stockton, CA

    Interests-MOTU, POP, Anime/Manga, Videogames, Movies/DVD's, Toys/ActionFigs
    Hobbies-Drawing, Reading, Computing, Traveling, Swimming, & Drinking (if you consider that a hobby)
    I Collect-Vintage Toys, DVD's, CD's, & Comics, (well I used to)
    Clothing Style-Currently it's striped dress-shirts, pre-washed faded jeans, cargo shorts, and slippers/sandals

    Favorite Characters-He-Man, She-Ra, Yoda, Psylocke, Strider Hiryu, Samas Aran, Tigra, Eowyn, Harry Potter, Galvatron, Sideswipe, & Jason from G-Force
    Last edited by Stratos; July 11, 2005 at 02:57pm.

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    Eternian Metal Head Skeletor-81's Avatar
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    Mar 2003
    Lost in my own mind
    Real Name:Christopher
    Other Screen Names:Ohio_Death_Metal (yahoo)
    Hair Color:Dark Blonde/Light Brown
    Eye Color:They change from Green to Brown. Seriously!
    Status:Unfortunately I am in a long term relationship
    Birthdate:June 22nd, 1981
    Birthplace:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Location:East Liverpool, Ohio

    Interests:My kids Haley and Christopher Jr., Motu & everything 80's, Heavy Metal/Rock N' Roll music (Slipknot,Pantera, Down, Superjoint Ritual, Older Metallica, Chimaira, Devil Driver, Sepultura, Soulfly, White Zombie, Shadow's Fall, God Forbid, Killswitch etc. etc., tatoos and body peircing, weightlifting*****building, , cooking/eating, Harleys & Choppers, Trans-Ams, Firebirds, Cameros...just about any muscle car that isn't a Ford.

    Hobbies:Spending time with my kids, playing guitar & listening to music, giving people tatoos, working out, drawing, cooking, going to concerts

    I collect:Motu & other 80's toys, comics, cards, guitars, tatoo art, my own artwork, Cds & DVDs, Atari games

    Clothing Style:You'll usually find me in Jeans and a black metal T-shirt but I also wear alot of camo. If I'm not wearing my boots I'm in my black Chuck Taylors (I hate all other shoes) I prefer bandannas over hats but I wear both. I like rings, neclaces,and wallet chains but I only wear silver.
    I guess they way I dress is a cross between a Metal head and a biker.

    Favorite Characters:Skeletor, Mumra, Darth Vader/Anakin, Dracula/Vlad, Lestat, Eric Draven (The Crow) etc... There's really too many to name.
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    Heroic Warrior hairybeastman's Avatar
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    Nov 2003
    Beer Tent Capital of the World
    Real Name-cody
    Other Screen Names-celticstreak
    Hair Color-brown
    Eye Color-blue
    Status-married 2 years now
    Birthdate-march 5 1980
    Birthplace-muskegon michigan
    Location-fremont michigan

    Interests-MOTU thundercats transformers
    Hobbies-motorcycles, anything with an engine,
    I Collect-motu thundercats transformers statues and busts
    Clothing Style-classic jeans and a t-shirt ( biker trash i know)

    Favorite Characters wolverine, venom, carnage, the man in black, jack burton
    It's not what you ride. It's that you ride.

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    Real Name-Theresa
    Other Screen Names-High Priestess Vivianne (
    Hair Color-Brown w/ natural blond highlights
    Eye Color-Blue
    Status-I have a boyfriend, he proposed but I was like, "I'm 18!"
    Birthdate-October 4, 1986 "LIBRA-TIGER POWER!"
    Birthplace-Westminster, California
    Location-Anaheim, California

    Interests-Acting, singing
    Hobbies-Comics, TV
    I Collect-Comics, Anjelica Huston movies
    Clothing Style-I wear anything, when I toned my body, the clothes got kind of ******,

    Favorite Characters-Jean Grey, Luna (Wierd Sisters from Gargoyles) Vivianne (The Mists of Avalon) Pizzazz, Jem, Rapture (from Jem)

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    Hero of Fabulous Secrets
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    Nov 2002
    Toluca Lake California

    Real Name-Ted
    Other Screen Names-AnimateTed
    Hair Color-Brown
    Eye Color-Green
    Height-5' 9"
    Status-As married as this country will let me be
    Birthdate-June 21, 1975
    Birthplace-Philadelphia, PA
    Location-Toluca Lake, CA

    Interests- MOTU, POP, Movies, TV Shows on DVD's, Cartoons, Toys/ActionFigs, Comics,

    Hobbies-Drawing, Reading, Computing, Traveling, Partying, Theme Parks, Dancing, Karaoke, Making fun of dumb people.

    Clothing Style-Corporate casual, cute printed Tees with characters, and nice jeans, good shoes.

    Favorite Characters- She-Ra, Yoda, Wonder Woman, Netossa, Buffy, Nightwing, Kyle Raynor, Plastic Man, Ice Man, Lion-O

    Me this past May at Stonehenge

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    Eternian Henchman motu77's Avatar
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    Aug 2002
    New Oxford, PA
    Real Name- Burnell
    Other Screen Names- SecurityPolice_AFJoe (
    Hair Color- Blonde
    Eye Color- Brown
    Height- 5'10"
    Status- Single
    Birthdate- 15 March 1977
    Birthplace- Langley AFB (Hampton), VA
    Location- Dover, DE

    Interests- MOTU, GI Joe, Batman, all Philadelphia sports teams
    Hobbies- working out and sleeping
    I Collect- MOTU, Phillies/Eagles sportscards and memorabilia
    Clothing Style- jeans and a t-shirt

    Favorite Characters- Stan Smith, Klaus the fish, Mr Burns, Eddie and Lou (the cops from the Simpsons), Fat Tony, King Randor, Rio Blast, Autobot Prowl, and to many others to list.

    Photo- I have to try to find a recent one
    Mike Jr. 1983-2008 the void left will never be filled. Rest in Peace Brother.
    Sgt Weigand

    eBay Feedback

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    Brilliant but Lazy... Skipperbecks's Avatar
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    May 2003
    Fortress of Solitude
    Real Name - Will
    Other Screen Names - Skips (ROC, AFI), Skipper, Skipperbecks (TNI, .ORG, Fwoosh, SHT)
    Gender - Male
    Hair Color - Dark Brown / Black
    Eye Color - Dark Brown
    Height - 6'0"
    Status - Single
    Birthdate - May 8, 1981
    Birthplace - Ontario, Canada
    Location - Ontario, Canada

    Interests - Movies, Computing, Action Figures, Gadgets, Anime, Manga, Gaming, Sports, Travel
    Hobbies - Basketball, Soccer, Fencing, Travelling, Cooking
    I Collect - MOTU, Marvel Legends, DCD, JLU, Minimates, Kubricks, Anime Figures
    Clothing Style - Casual, Sporty

    Favorite Characters - Spider-man, Batman
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    Heroic Warrior
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    Nov 2002
    Real Name- Derek
    Other Screen Names- yahoo laladerek
    Hair Color- black
    Eye Color- Brown
    Status- Taken
    Birthplace- Charlottesville va
    Location- Trevilians va

    Interests-MOTU, Classic Kung Fu Flicks, Video Games, music
    Hobbies- Collecting, movies, music
    I Collect- Motu, Thunder Cats, classic video games and systems
    Clothing Style- Jeans, white tees and air force ones
    Favorite Characters- Scooby Doo

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    Snake, Snake, SNAAAKE!! Spider-01's Avatar
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    Sep 2002
    Lynn, MA
    Real Name-Bryan
    Other Screen Names-Pretty much the same most places, but sometimes just Spyder.
    Hair Color-Black
    Eye Color-Dark brown
    Status-In a relationship
    Birthdate-July 3, 1987
    Birthplace-Beverly, MA
    Location-Lynn, MA

    Interests-Music (anything rock/metal)
    Hobbies-Playing guitar, drawing, hanging out with friends, listening to music
    I Collect-CD's, action figures
    Clothing Style-I always wear band t-shirts and shorts in the summer with my black Vans skate shoes and in the winter I wear band t's, blue or black jeans/pants, same shoes, and my "signature" black hoodie (I wear it so much my friends think I look weird without it. lol)

    Favorite Characters-Batman, The Joker, He-Man, Duo Maxwell, Solid Snake, Liquid Snake, Cyborg Ninja, Revolver Ocelot, Volgin, Sweet Tooth, Mr. Grimm, Dante (Devil May Cry),

    And finally, some pics of my g/f, Jess and myself:

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    Devourer of Pudding Pops! DeadManWade's Avatar
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    Apr 2003
    Anchorage, Alaska
    Real Name-Michael Peter Calugan
    Other Screen Names-Tatted Mike, Mikey Hooligan, Citizen Pain, Devourer of Pudding Pops
    Hair Color-Brown
    Eye Color-Brown
    Birthdate-December 28th, 1981
    Birthplace-Anchorage, Alaska
    Location-Sand Point, Alaska

    Interests-Commercial fishing, music, comics
    Hobbies-Ummm...... i dunno. lots of stuff
    I Collect- action figures, comics, statues and bust
    Clothing Style-Shirt, pants, underwear, socks, shoes

    Favorite Characters- Deadpool, Burst Angel's Jo, Ummmmm..... lots of others.
    Lawrence A. Calugan April 29th, 1949 - July 20th, 2005
    I Love You Dad

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    which you speak, O grand exalted poobah?" - Deadpool

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    UK MOTU Comics Junkie Mosquitor's Avatar
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    Feb 2000
    Manchester, UK
    Real Name- Aidan Cross
    Other Screen Names- Mask Of Sanity, Black Hole
    Gender- Male
    Hair Color- Brown
    Eye Color- Green
    Height- 6'1"
    Status- Single
    Birthdate- November 2nd, 1981
    Birthplace- Chester, England
    Location- Manchester, England

    Interests- Music (80s/New Wave/New Romantic/Punk/Goth/Classic Rock), arthouse cinema, David Lynch, Bret Easton Ellis, MOTU, psychology, dreams, subconscious, spiritualism, sex industry, chaos theory, transcendental awareness
    Hobbies- clubbing, socializing, dancing (5 Rhythms), reading, writing, drinking, meditation, living spontaneously
    I Collect- CDs, obscure underground movies, anything MOTU-related
    Clothing Style- At home: All black, shirt, trousers, band T-shirts, When clubbing: blue see-through sparkly shirt, range of black shirts with white tie, black Rimmel eyeliner, glitter, stick-on stars, nail polish
    Favorite Characters- The Mystery Man (Lost Highway), Patrick Bateman, Skeletor, Modulok, Dorian Gray
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    Grew up on a horse Baena's Avatar
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    Jul 2002
    Real Name- Nathan Baertsch
    Other Screen Names- Baena is pretty much it.
    Gender- Male
    Hair Color- Brown
    Eye Color- Dark Blue
    Status- Married with two daughters
    Birthdate- August 27th, 1975
    Birthplace- Bountiful, Utah
    Location- Saratoga Springs, Utah

    Interests- MotU, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and other Tolkien Tales, Art in general, Animals, and the great Outdoors.
    Hobbies- Art, art, and more art.
    I Collect- Some comics, Action figures.
    Clothing Style- T-shirt n' jeans kinda guy, Metrosexuals would have a hay day with me.

    Favorite Characters- Hard to say... in general I like epic stories of good vs. evil... I like what each character brings to a cast in these types of stories. Can I get more vague?
    With MotU, my favs are Skeletor, He-man, Man-At-Arms, the Sorceress, and Teela.
    Last edited by Baena; July 31, 2005 at 08:41pm.
    We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing. -George Bernard Shaw
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    Heroic Warrior wilee4's Avatar
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    Sep 2003
    Brooklyn, NY
    Real Name- Tom
    Other Screen Names- none that i remember
    Gender- Male
    Hair Color- brown
    Eye Color- brown
    Status- girlfriend
    Birthdate- nov 21, 1973
    Birthplace- Chicago
    Location- hell's kitchen, NY

    Interests- comics, animation, games
    Hobbies- martial arts, guitar, getting my comic venture going, beer (is a hobby)
    I Collect- comics, some figures
    Clothing Style- jeans, t-shirts, sandals, cargo shots, etc.

    Favorite Characters: i'll keep it to MOTU so: skeletor, stratos, tri-klops
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    Lionheart avatar by Baena

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    Heroic Warrior Son of Keldor's Avatar
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    Dec 2002

    most recent pic>>

    or me last year>>

    Real Name- GABE
    Other Screen Names- Lazzy Lizard (beastformers boards)
    Gender- Male
    Hair Color- dark brown
    Eye Color- dark brown
    Status- married but looking for other options
    Birthdate- sept. 3, 1975
    Birthplace- Chicago
    Location- sitting next to satan @ the bar.

    Interests- comics, cartoons, classic video games,
    Hobbies- martial arts, drinking, smoking, hanging w/ the horde & satan (< I Collect- comics Toys- motu, star wars, fistful of power, battle beasts/beastformers, marvel legends
    Clothing Style- jeans, t-shirts, but i have to dress up for work!

    Favorite Characters: Darth Vader, Skeletor, Boba Fett, any and all bad guys!
    Last edited by Son of Keldor; August 7, 2005 at 10:12pm.
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    Haltom City, Texas
    Quote Originally Posted by Son of Keldor
    That is quite okay. As long as the posts are somewhat spread out, this thread will stay on the front page for everyone to access, and prevent it from eventually being deleted. I just wish we could get it pinned to the top of the page.
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