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Thread: The "Getting to Know All About You" Thread--User Profiles

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    Oklahoma City, USA
    Real Name- Eddie
    Other Screen Names- N/A
    Gender- Male
    Hair Color- Black
    Eye Color- Brown
    Status- Married with a 8 month old and 2 pugs
    Birthdate- 11/28
    Birthplace- Rangoon, Burma (now called Myanmar)
    Location- Plano, TX (suburb of Dallas, TX)

    Interests- Mighty Oklahoma Sooner's Football and Basketball and the UFC
    Hobbies- Basketball, football, working out etc...can't help it, I've always been a jock.
    Clothing Style- Anything with a elastic band at night and suits during the day.
    Music- Rap and Hip-Hop when I'm playing sports or working out and Enya (and most recently Celtic Women) to relax at night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ess7477 View Post
    Music- Rap and Hip-Hop when I'm playing sports or working out and Enya (and most recently Celtic Women) to relax at night.
    Loreena McKennitt is good too.
    "I won Dungeons and Dragons! And it was advanced!!" -Pierce Hawthorne-

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    Well, guess it's time I filled one of these out. I've sure put it off for long enough!

    Real Name- Dan
    Other Screen Names- White Wolf (my earliest online ID, long since retired), GreenLantern2814 (at CountingDown.Com), jack-t-chance (eBay), JackTChance, jack_t_chance, Jack T Chance. Bottom line, if you see any variation on Jack T. Chance anywhere on the web, it's most likely ME!
    Gender- Male
    Hair Color- Dark Brown
    Eye Color- Brown
    Ancestry- English/British (or possibly Welsh, I'm not 100% sure) & German, with little bits of other European stuff thrown in for good measure!
    Height- Roughly 5'7"
    Status- Single, seemingly hopelessly.
    Birthdate- July 13th, 1972
    Religion- Devout Agnostic
    Birthplace- Maryland, USA
    Location- Maryland, USA

    Interests and Hobbies- Science fiction, fantasy, comics, heavy metal and hard rock, video games, too many others to list quickly, check out my Yahoo! 360° page if you want more info.
    I Collect- Memorabilia tied into Star Wars, Green Lantern, Masters of the Universe, and a bunch of other stuff. Although, at the moment, I'm only really collecting comics.
    Clothing Style- I'm a jeans & T-shirts kinda guy, except for at work, or when I want to look my best for a woman... which doesn't happen nearly often enough.
    Favorite Characters- Hal Jordan, Jack T. Chance, Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow, the Doctor, Rose Tyler, Romana, He-Man, Conan the Cimmerian, Red Sonja, and a bunch more!

    And I suppose I should post a picture of my ugly mug, too...

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    On June 17th, 2011...
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    his sight!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sonofblaine View Post
    Loreena McKennitt is good too.
    Can't say I am familiar with her music at all...but I'll definitely check it out. There's nothing like a little Enya to calm you down after listening to Snoop Dogg all day

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    Real Name Thomas james covel
    Other Screen Names Flipper head
    Hair Color light black
    Eye Color hazel
    Height 5'9"
    Status Married to a woman who can't give me kids but thats my cross to bear
    Birthdate 10 11 72
    Birthplace Brokton
    Location Fall river mass

    Interests Trying to fullfill my destiny fuffill the prophesy!!!
    Hobbies He man He man knock offs some star wars transformers.
    I Collect anything etraordinary but not goofy video games.
    Clothing Style as long as it fits and its clean.

    Favorite Characters All HE man Transformers Star wars some Gi joe Apocalypse Thats me me case any of you did'int know.
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