Hi everybody.

some years ago I've found some old pictures of mine and I was always looking by a (Suitcase with an illustration) Was a Battle of between the He-man and Skeletor I Have the mini Image, well I look for it for many years but I never found
During the research and the quest to find that illustration I've found some of similar works from Fred Carrillo or Al McWilliams
They usually draw a different kind of crest inside He-man inside the He-man Chest, I think that it could have a Signature form Fred I just think that.
I just can't remember clearly it was in the eighties too many time ago.
Some new friends here in forum suggest me to ask on this part of forum

The Illustration was on my old Student Suitcase (I miss this old stuff) A good times Good Cartoons and musics!
MoTU Suitcase.jpg
that is the only picture that I have

Thank you All by this helpfull hand