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Thread: Catra has fleas or She-ra has lice

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    Catra has fleas or She-ra has lice

    I bought a huge bag of figures at an estate sale today and from what I was told these toys sat in storage since the eighties. All the figures needed a good scrubbing, but as I went to throw Catra into the soap bath, I noticed her hair was infested. And I mean INFESTED! Her hair was all bunch together around what looked like reddish/brown carcasses of dead bugs or maybe cocoons I don't really know.

    So my question. I know this is "fake" hair but has anyone seen anything like this? I also picked up a a she-ra figure and she was nappy but no bugs. I knew these girly toys were full of COOTIES!
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    Icky icky.... But yeah, that's why I'm not a fan of these figures loose. Their hair is ratty if not looked after. The dead bugs.... to think they may be 80s bugs. Like, literally were alive in the 80s and died there. (Probably not but... )

    Anyway, cut her hair off or throw her away! They sell for fairly cheap on eBay loose. She sounds like she's seen better days.

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