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Thread: Your MotU Obsession

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    For me it is a mix of both but leaning more toward nostalgia I think. Having grown up with MOTU pretty much after all, it is to be expected. It greatly influenced my life I would say. Because of it, I became very interested in swords and fantasy and still am to this day. I have a small collection of fantasy swords and just can't help holding some of the more familiar ones aloft sometimes. I guess in that way, the fantasy concept got me back then, but as far as MOTU goes, it really makes me feel like a kid again sometimes when I see the classic cartoon or even the new ones. I can still get out the toys and play with them. (See my sig ) It just makes me think of great times and the fun I used to have. Of course, it also makes me want to delve deeper into the stories surrounding the characters and history of places related to MOTU. As a kid I never quite fully understood what the real story was since there were mini comics and the cartoon that seemed to conflict with each other. In fact I still haven't really been able to fully explore this. The closest I've come is the areas they explore in the 2002 animated series. But anyways, it will always hold a place in my heart and still makes the kid in me excited to see that bright and shiney MOTU DVD on my shelf. ^_^

    Then there is the ongoing quest for the authentic replica of the classic He-Man sword.
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    Fantasy, primarily.

    MotU holds powerful characters that occasionally symbol arch-types and there are universal themes in the stories that make the world to me.
    Eternia is such an rich environment with elements that haven't even been fully discovered, and that aspect keeps me always intriguiged.

    Nostalgia plays the part in those times, when I watch an episode that doesn't really have a logical story or good direction, but I may still enjoy it with all my heart, because it brings out the memories and most of all the feelings that I got when watching it as a kid.
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    I buy Motu Stuff for nostalgia reasons now. But I am impressed with the MOTU toys, they are impressive now too. For me they are the best toys what one could having in the 80s and I now understand better why they are so great. I want colect them the Motu Toys complete for I adult having my toys what when I saw it I felt myself like a child. Thatīs great. I am a nostalgic of the old and I avoid the new.

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    I can't vote. It's obviously both for me.
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    A little of both for me as well. But maybe leaning more toward Nostalgia

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    Chris here...

    Although it was a nostalgic curiosity that re-awakened my interest in MOTU in 1999, searching out the Episode Review Website and reading all about episodes I'd never even seen, it's definitely the mythos and fantasy that has kept me a fan of the property for the last 5 years, and is the reason why I'm here now. I actually think MOTU is one of the most rich, diverse and underrated sci-fi/fantasy creations of all time, with a vast array of characters, creatures, settings, myths & legends!

    Whilst I love the richness and complexity that MYP tried to infuse the new MOTU toon with, I've got to be honest and say that I feel much more of a connection with the characters in Filmation's MOTU. Nostalgia? Perhaps, but given that I prefer the new Ninja Turtles cartoon to the original (and anyone who knows what a HUGE fan of the original I've been will know what a statement that is!), I don't think so. Again, I think it's the "feel" and flavour of the old, the magic, the excitement, the stimulation of the imagination - great stuff!

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    Nostalgia partly, but since I already have everything and a lot more I even knew existed as a kid, there has to be strong story elements involved.
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    Thatīs nostalgia for me. Memories of walking into a stores, being surprised by new stuff, getting figures, opening them, playing with them, listening to the audio tapes ... such good memories, not only of the toys, but also of the time and the people who would buy me MOTU.

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    For me, it was mostly nostalgia. MOTU was one of the few shows that I could watch with my brother (who was a baby at the time). It's still one of the few good things out there.
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    For me it's a mix of both, but I enjoy the fantasy aspect so much that I'd enjoy the classic cartoon just the same if I saw it for the first time today. (I'm not really a fan of the MYP version). It does bring back memories of my childhood, but it is, IMO, the greatest animated fantasy series ever made, and one of the greatest fantasy universes in any medium. It's optimistic, humanist, inspirational, ethical, uplifting, and it grips me narratologically like only the best stories do. It's one of the purest and most potent manifestations of the heroic archetype - He-Man fights a never-ending battle against Skeletor and evil - simply because it's the right thing to do. It's a vision of what we can all become, both individually and as a society. The true power of epic fantasy is to transcend the society in which it's created and, in the process, make timeless moral issues relevant to its audience. That's the reason why (I believe) it's outlived most of its contemporaries. It's as relevant today as when it was first created in the 1980s, and I hope it will last for a long time to come.
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    I liked MOTU as a kid, and I thought they created a fantastic world, though I felt they never capitalized on it as much as they could have. So a bit of nostalgia sparked my interest when they reissued the classic toys, but even before the relaunch, I found myself getting deeper and deeper into the realm of possibilities with MOTU. With the new continuity, I felt they (MVC and MYP) were well on their way to living up to the property's full potential, but were cut way short by inept marketing.

    I still believe it's the greatest example of techno/fantasy hybrid the world has ever seen, and am way more obsessed with the new continuity than I ever was as a child.
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    I rediscovered MOTU when the new line hit. At first it was pure nostalgia, but now I feel I respect MOTU as a great fantasy story.
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    I would have to say both! I love MOTU and would not be the person I am today without my childhood being heavily influenced not only by the toys but the cartoon as well and no other toy line was as cool then as it is now, vintage and new MOTU rule!

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    Mine is fueled by nostalgia cause it was figures I never had as a kid and wanted soooooooooooo bad and know parents can't tell me NO anymore so thats why I get them.
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    there is so much to love. motu has fuddle weaponry, magic, cybernetics, fantasy beasts & humanoids. and a great fantasy would where good fights against evil. Wow motu has it all & more.

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    Currently, mostly nostalgia.

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    Primarily nostalgia.

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    both, the two things are connected-entirely
    I like motu since childhood because it was a great fantasy story and today I still think it's a great fantasy story + the addition of nostalgia.

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    Wow this is a tough one......I cant pick one I would have to say both.Nostalgia got me into collecting again,but nostalgia only goes so far.MOTU's own merits as a great property KEEPS me collecting,and re-watching,and talking about it. even as a kid I always thought MOTU was cooler then the other big 2 (Transformers,GI JOE) cartoons\toy lines of the era.
    I still think the vintage toy line is great,so many interesting characters & vehicles.

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    It's both for me too, but I would say 52 to 48 Nostaliga.

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    I think MOTU stands on its own, especially when viewed as the original mini-comics portrayed it (unapologetically my favorite 'flavor' of MOTU)- Skeletor is not silly or inept, Beast Man is a legitimately dangerous foe, the Castle has unexplained and occasionally dark powers, etc.

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