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  • Sure, why not?

    79 50.97%
  • *ONLY* if he looks totally cool!!!

    21 13.55%
  • Perhaps, if only to be a completist with my set...

    11 7.10%
  • Gwildor can stick his cosmic key!!!!

    44 28.39%
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Thread: Gwildor Staction Totally Unofficial Poll

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    Gwildor Staction Totally Unofficial Poll

    Ok, there has been a lot of discrepancy amongst us .Org'ers about whether or not a Gwildor staction is going to be a welcome part of the collection *eventually*. In light of what the Four Horsemen have recently stated in another thread...

    Quote Originally Posted by FOUR HORSEMEN
    In reality, we don't TRULY hate Gwildor. There are just a LOT more MotU characters that deserve to be made into 6" statues before him. He's WAAAAY down near the bottom of the list.
    ...what are your feelings on the figure itself. I voted "Sure, why not?" because, in all reality, I'd be happy with any character that helps to flesh-out my MOTU display/collection. I don't necessarily like the character's persona, but it's still a created part of the universe. So fans, speak up! What do *you* think?
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