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    SCREAMOR: Evil Master of Sound

    Height: 6'3''
    Weight: 775 LBS.
    Hair Color: None
    Eye Color: Bright White
    Race: Automaton
    Alignment: Evil Warriors

    History: The creation of Roboto and Snout Spout by the mechanical ingenuity of Man-At-Arms had further expanded the Defenders roster, giving them a significant edge in the struggle for Eternia.

    In an attempt to turn the tides of battle in his favor, Skeletor, the self proclaimed Overlord of Evil ordered his own inventor Tri-Klops to create a powerful new warrior to aid in his conquest. Skeletor needed a new superior edge. A weapon far more involved than another mindless weapon. Skeletor needed a new minion. A minion that was intuative, as well as destructive. A loyal soldier that would not exhaust during battle and fizzle out, nor run from the sight of his accursed sword swinging nemesis.

    Tri-Klops decided a more unorthodox machine of mayhem was in order. He ignored the traditional methods of mayhem engineered for Trap-Jaw and his previous weapon attempts. After months of experimenting with high frequency sonics and it's amazing combat applications, Screamor was born. The evil mastermind spared no expense. Screamor's sturdy construction, a blend of Eternium Ore and Vibrillium make the automaton as solid as the mountain from which the materials were mined, yet light weight and flexible enough that it does not hinder speed or reaction time. Its superior AI is not only adaptive and problem solving, Screamor is also programmed to be completely loyal to the Overlord of Evil, something many of his current band often lack. At the core of this metal monster is a powerful Corrodite crystal, providing virtually unlimited power for its weapons and motor functions.

    Screamor is composed of a super-dense Eternium & Vibrillium blend. Special layered sheets of his armored shell can be expanded or compressed when needed to provide protection or sound manipulation. Through the slightest movement or vibration its entire body is capable of emitting and manipulating sound into blanketing shields of sonic waves. These shields are so dense, they can deflect projectile and melee attacks.

    Screamor is also capable of focusing sound into thunderous attacks through its grotesquely sculpted helmet. These waves are capable of rendering the most solid of structures. Even more frightening are its high-pitched ultrasonics. These senses shattering blasts can send even the most hearty of warrior fleeing, or bring them to their knees in helpless agony. Screamors potent sonic manipulation put him on par with Skeletor's mightiest warriors, and in some aspects, propels him to the top, with both powerful offensive and reliable defensive capabilities. This heartless, metallic monster will not back-down at the sight of He-Man. The automaton can easily go toe-to-toe with the likes of Rattlor or the cosmic enforcer Zodak, tiring them long before its seemingly limitless power source expires.


    - Robotic strength, speed, agility, and stamina far beyond that of a normal human
    - Sonic Manipulation, varied effects
    - Armored Body, resistant to extreme conditions, poisons, temperature and physical attack
    - No need for oxygen, food or water
    - Artificial Intelligence, complex and adaptive, immune to mystical charms, telepathy and illusions

    Original Art By: Buffalo Bill Man
    Bonus Art: Royaltus1
    Concept: Sky Breaker
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