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Thread: Magic & Mayhem: Another MOTU action figure adventure!

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    O.O, this is amazing stuff.

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    OMG I must have heard you from across the stars!

    I haven’t been around here in many years because I was busy with other stuff, sadly that also means I have little time to photograph my action figures these days and don't see how I can continue this story any time soon. But thanks for appreciating it!

    Quote Originally Posted by Superclub View Post
    I just got through reading this and I can say i thoroughly enjoyed it. the storyline, the pics absolutely amazing. well it's been about 8 years, any chance you'd conclude this story.

    Nevermind........sadly this member has not logged onto the forums in about 4 years.

    it's too bad cause i really enjoyed these stories.

    perhaps one day he will return.

    Dinorider,,,,,,,,where are you??????

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