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Thread: Fiction: "The Secret Files of Scrollos"

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    Fiction: "The Secret Files of Scrollos"

    What follows is a "history of Eternia" fiction I knocked up when I was *very* bored in my holidays.

    It mixes together lots of different elements from continuities. Being in the UK, I've only read bits and pieces on the 'net about new series stuff like King Grayskull, etc. Also, the "primary canon" is the one I remember from my childhood - the UK comics. This is where the cosmic comet the swords were carved from, etc, came from.

    Loads of other stuff is speculation, such as hinting Horde Prime was originally the Elder who forged the Sword of Evil, or basically all of the stuff following He-Man's return to Eternia from Primus.

    Hope you enjoy!

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    Secret Files of Scrollos (Part One)

    Historian’s Note: This document was discovered in a ruined fortress on planet #5t46543j.n.jgb. and it has been verified as being authentic and native.

    Any historical document is not a record of the “truth”, but instead a highly subjective and fragmentary account. Nonetheless, the postscript (see end) does throw considerable doubt on the widely perceived veracity of the document.

    - Processed by Ms C Jones, administration block, planetoid KS-159, 31st January 2606 CE.

    The Old Time

    Long ago, there were twin worlds of magic and science, worlds where many future battles would be fought as people and creatures struggled for mastery over the cosmos. These worlds were Eternia and Etheria!

    The Elders of Eternia were a council of wise seers, mages, scientists, engineers and wizards. Their knowledge was legendary, and they foretold that a mystical asteroid – some said from the dawn of the universe – would fall to Eternia. Thus, it did, and the Elders set out from their Hall of Wisdom to retrieve it. The Elders foresaw many times when great evil would threaten the universe, and they decided to use the comet to forge weapons with which to fight against this evil – to be wielded by a series of mighty champions!

    Thus, two swords were forged. The Sword of Power was a blade of strength and brute force, and would be used by more than one defender of Eternia. The Sword of Protection was a similar blade, but less powerful. Less was known of who would brandish this weapon.

    Around half of the asteroid was left, and a corrupt Elder seized it for himself, forging a Sword of Evil from it! The other Elders confronted this corrupt member and banished him to another dimension. Using the Swords of Power and Protection, the Elders split the Sword of Evil in two.

    The last fragment of asteroid was fashioned into a gemstone and placed in a Staff of Light. The Elders were aware that it would be needed soonest, and that the youngest of their number would have need of it in future.

    In order to dissuade the curious from the Hall and its secrets, the Elders’ last major act was to transform the beautiful Hall of Wisdom itself into a fearsome fortress of mystery and power – the mighty Castle Grayskull!

    The Rise of He-Ro

    Centuries passed, and the world of Eternia moved on, its human and other tribes largely forgetting about the existence of the Elders as all but one died out. Then, the first of the long foreseen evils came.

    King Hsss was the ruler of the Snake Empire, a considerable and planetary dictatorship reaching out from the planet Reptos. The Snakemen planned a conquest of Eternia, hollowing out a mountain fortress and encircling it with their living god, Serpos. King Hsss had links with another shadowy "god" figure, the mysterious Nameless One. It is possible that this may have been the banished Elder.

    Eldor, the last of the Elders and holder of the mighty Book of Living Spells was by this time the last inhabitant of Castle Grayskull. He was aware of the threat the Snakemen posed, and contacted Sharella, warrior chieftess of the human Eternos tribe. He bade her send a young peasant farmer, Gray from the village to the Castle. There, Eldor revealed to Gray that within his heart he held powerful magic abilities, and Eldor gifted to him the Staff of Light – which contained the final piece of comet gemstone. Using the Staff of Light, Gray was able to transform himself into He-Ro, the most powerful wizard in the universe! He-Ro was gifted with the ability to transmutate anything natural such as trees, rocks or rivers to his will. Gradually, He-Ro set about building his own Council, to replace the forgotten Elders. These included Sharella, as well as the giant Tytus, Cosmic Enforcer Zodak and his brother. He-Ro and his Council rode out from Grayskull and from Eternos Village on bionically enhanced dinosaurs such as Bionatops, Turbodactly and Gigantisaur.

    But the Snakemen were not easily defeated. King Hsss dominated much of the planet with an iron fist, ably assisted by lieutenants such as Tung Lashor, Squeeeze, Snakeface and the feared General Rattlor. The Snakemen also altered beasts to their control, and Hsss in particular favoured riding a mighty Tyrantisaurus Rex. The Snakemen progressed across the planet, building a massive Central Tower roughly equidistant between Snake Mountain and Castle Grayskull. A smaller Viper Tower next to it linked the Mountain and the Tower by monorail. King Hsss planned to rule from Central Tower, only he quickly lost control of it, as He-Ro and his followers attacked it. A third tower was built on the reverse side from Viper Tower – Grayskull Tower was constructed in the image of the famous Castle itself. Many battles raged within this one battleground. It was there that King Hsss consumed Zodak’s brother, sending the young Cosmic Enforcer into a fit of rage and vengeance.

    He-Ro and his new Council fought long and hard, aware that many secrets lay within Grayskull, in addition to the two swords so desperately needed by future champions. Eventually, they managed to defeat the Snakemen, banishing them into another dimension and sealing the Towers Complex deep beneath the ground.

    Some enemies of He-Ro escaped this, however. A few, scattered Snakemen avoided banishment, and would later evolve into the Reptons – a largely peaceful race with the noted exception of future super-criminal Kobra Khan. King Hsss’ chief sorceror also escaped judgment. Keldor. Keldor was not a Snakeman but a blue-skinned human from the future who spent a few years aiding Hsss and observing events as he built his powers around him. Keldor returned to the future when the Towers fell.

    Legend of Etheria

    A small group of He-Ro’s Council used Keldor’s dimensional technology to travel not in time, but space. They arrived on the beautiful but warlike planet Etheria. There, they realised just who the Elders’ second sword was intended for. This group met up with a similar alliance of magicians on Etheria, and together they forged a jewel. This jewel was sent back to Castle Grayskull on Eternia, where He-Ro added it to the Sword of Protection. This magic of two worlds meant this sword and its bearer would have many more powers than whoever wielded the Sword of Power.

    This Eternian/Etherian group remained on Etheria and named themselves the First Ones. The First Ones knew they did not have the powers of the original Elders of Eternia, or even He-Ro’s full Council. But they knew that Etheria would face terrible danger in the future. They chose the highest peak on the planet, Mount Skydancer, and on it they constructed a beautiful citadel – more awe-inspiring than even Castle Grayskull. They named it the Crystal Castle. For millennia to come, the occasional lucky climber or sky traveller might see the Castle, and so its legend spread. But the First Ones knew that its true location must remain a secret, for in future it would be a powerful weapon in the wrong hands. The youngest of the First Ones, a young magician and healer, volunteered to transcend his physical form. He became Light Hope, a shimmering curtain of rainbow light, an oracle who would live in Crystal and guard its secrets. Although both swords of good remained on Eternia, Light Hope accepted one half of the Sword of Evil, to split its wicked power between two worlds, and locked it deep within the Crystal Castle.

    A strong relationship could have been established between Grayskull and Crystal, but events would soon conspire to prove otherwise.

    King Grayskull

    For generations more Eternia flourished. But the last of He-Ro’s Council had long died, and many secrets had vanished also, such as the location of Etheria. He-Ro’s descendant, King Grayskull, lived in the Castle with his wife, a powerful magic-user called Veena. Surrounding the Castle was a prosperous walled Grayskull Village. One night, King Grayskull was called by a mysterious voice to a locked vault. It opened to reveal to him the two swords forged by the Elders. King Grayskull realised that he would have to wield the Sword of Power in battle.

    And so he did. An ambitious sorcerer/scientist known as Horde Prime had become aware of the powers held within the Castle, and brought an assault force to the planet Eternia, intending to seize it. Horde Prime’s origins are shrouded in mystery, but some have suggested that he is in fact the disgraced Elder who fashioned the Sword of Evil. Horde Prime soon came up against King Grayskull, who rode his mighty Battle Lion into combat, supported by Veena, and other warriors such as the Trollan known as the Oracle. Horde Prime and his evil Horde fought King Grayskull many times, and Horde Prime realised that he was never going to get access to the Castle. So Horde Prime and his sorcerers planned to perform the Spell of Separation, which would rip Eternia apart and open Grayskull with it. A climactic final battle was fought, and the King was able to turn Horde Prime’s massive spell upon himself. The heroes had won.

    But the cost was high.

    Horde Prime was, like the Snakemen, banished. But not to another dimension, he and his Horde found themselves trapped on the planet Despondos, which Horde Prime decided to rename Horde World, planning to built an empire of “easier” target planets before going after a world like Eternia again.

    The Spell of Separation had begun to do its work. Eternia was now split into Light and Dark Hemispheres, with the Light Hemisphere – including Grayskull and Eternos Town – experiencing normal day and night. In the Dark Hemisphere it was always night, and evil bred.

    King Grayskull’s defeat of Horde Prime had not been easy. In deflecting the Spell, the King’s sword was split cleanly in two – both halves lost. King Grayskull himself was mortally wounded, and he died in his beloved Veena’s arms. Veena carried his body back to his Castle, and laid it in a tomb deep in the vaults. King Grayskull’s warriors, with all their special powers, realised that they were the Last Council, following in the steps of the First Elders and He-Ro’s Council. Thus, like Light Hope, they converted themselves into energy beings and worked their way into the architecture of the Castle itself. Now it was near impervious, now it truly held the secrets of all the Ancients, even if the Sword of Power really was lost forever. Whoever controlled Castle Grayskull, would have the power to become Master of the Universe!

    Only Veena remained, as waking guardian. The first Sorceress of Castle Grayskull.

    Barbarian Days

    The war with Horde Prime had taken its toll. Vast tracts of the planet lay in ruins, the hemispheres were forever magically separated. Much civilisation collapsed. The village around Grayskull crumbled to dust, and the Evergreen Forest grew up around the Castle.

    The Castle always had its guardians, always keeping it hidden. Each guardian would wonder if a new king would ever arrive, if the two halves of the Power Sword could ever be re-united.

    One such series of battles involved a mighty yet just Barbarian. This brown-haired warrior rode a lion, and discovered one half of the Power Sword. Unfortunately, the other half was held by Skeletor – the future form of Keldor who again tried to raid the past to gain Grayskull’s secrets and powers. The two fought many times, often inside Grayskull. However, with the help of the Castle’s current guardian – the green-skinned, snakeskin-clad Goddess – the Barbarian managed to unite King Grayskull’s long lost Sword of Power after all. The Barbarian and the Goddess banished Skeletor back to his own time.

    Castle Grayskull stood alone and hidden again, its two swords hidden inside. Its darkest days, and greatest champions, yet to come.

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    The Secret Files of Scrollos (Part Two)

    The Rise of Skeletor

    Thousands of years later.

    Many people believed Castle Grayskull to be a myth. Certainly, this was the view of King Miro of the Kingdom of Eternia. This Kingdom covered much of the Light Hemisphere and had its home in Eternos City. The Kingdom had its problems and skirmishes, but by-and-large life was peaceful.

    King Miro had two sons – Randor and Keldor. While Randor grew up with interests in statecraft and battle practice, Keldor instead studied magic. He resented his older brother, even though he knew anyone could challenge the throne – peasant or royal – and invoke a democratic challenge, he knew Randor was in line, and favoured by Miro. Vowing to rule Eternia, and fully believing in Castle Grayskull, Keldor set out to build his powers.

    Keldor’s many experiments in magic and science warped his physical appearance. His skin grew blue and his ears pointed. This bothered him little, though, as he still looked dashingly Mephistophelean. Keldor gathered a cadre of warriors around him, planning to build an army. He travelled back in time to serve under King Hsss to learn more powers, and upon his return abducted the baby daughter of the Faceless One, a disgraced former member of He-Ro’s Council. Keldor even spent some time bringing the young girl up, until she ran away. This woman would grow up to be the immensely powerful sorceress Evil-Lyn. Keldor felt he still had not learned enough, and sought out to contact Horde Prime.

    Keldor opened a dimensional bridgehead to the planet Infinita, which he believed to be a Horde subject world. However, around this time, one of his experiments went terribly wrong, burning off his face. He was rescued by Evil-Lyn, who took him back to his tower, where they found the link with Infinita was open. From it spoke Hordak – Horde Prime’s most feared and most powerful warlord – who offered to save Keldor’s life if he would work for him. Keldor eagerly agreed, and Evil-Lyn stole off into the night as Keldor staggered over the gateway to Infinita.

    Hordak was a mighty and powerful warrior and scientist, with a great deal of magical knowledge also. Hordak “healed” Keldor with dark magic and science. Keldor lived, but instead of his head was a floating, disjointed yellowing skull. This drove Keldor somewhat demented for a time, but he regained his composure, took to wearing a hood over his skull and renamed himself Skeletor. He kept his original identity a secret – his brother’s family never learning of his fate.

    Skeletor learned much under the tutelage of Hordak, and became a member of the Horde. Skeletor told Hordak about his belief of the existence of Castle Grayskull, and Hordak planned an attack on Eternia.

    A New Guardian

    Kodak Ungor, current Sorceress of Grayskull, was ageing. She knew the planet had its darkest times ahead, and sought out another guardian.

    By this time, the first of Hordak’s ships were landing, his robotic Horde Troopers razing whole towns to the ground. His apprentice, Skeletor, at his side, Hordak’s troops established the old Snake Mountain as their headquarters. Hordak initially believed a dimensionally unstable zone to be the site of Castle Grayskull, but this proved not to be the case. Nonetheless, he tagged the zone for future use.

    One village attacked was the home of a feisty young woman called Teelana. She fought hard against the Horde invaders, but ultimately had to flee. Lost in the Sands of Time, she was amazed to see a falcon leading her in the air. It led to her to a stream, and a boat. Teelana collapsed on the boat, which lead her from the treacherous Sands and down the River Doom. Through the Evergreen Forest she went for miles, brought fresh fruit and water by the falcon to keep her alive.

    Teelana emerged at Castle Grayskull, and was amazed to find its existence to be no myth. The falcon transformed itself into Kodak Ungor, who explained to Teelana that if she wanted to fight the forces of darkness, then she should become the Castle’s new Guardian. Teelana accepted, and as Ungor went to be one with the Elders, Teelana became the new Sorceress.

    Horde War

    Hordak’s troops continued in their conquest. Their strongest enemy was King Miro and his Kingdom of Eternia. The warriors fought bravely for years, led by Prince Randor and Duncan, the Man-at-Arms.

    During the fighting a spaceship crashed on Eternia. The UNS Rainbow Warrior was an exploration craft from the planet Earth, which had been flung from the Sol System by a dimensional gate. Its pilot, Marlena Glenn, was rescued by the wreckage by Prince Randor. After seeing what was happening on Eternia, Marlena pledged her support to Miro’s forces. She fell in love with Randor, who ignored royal protocol and decided to ask her to marry him.

    The tide of battle was finally turned when the Sorceress arrived to help in the battle. Man-at-Arms made a good friend with the Sorceress, and her help with the Eternos armies helped to beat Hordak’s troops back to Snake Mountain. The Sorceress then took He-Ro’s Staff of Light from Castle Grayskull and used it to construct a Mystic Wall, which would keep the Light and Dark Hemispheres of Eternia apart. This exhausted the Staff, which was now useless. Hordak and Skeletor themselves remained on the loose, but they would be forever separated from their army. Over the course of the war, Randor and Marlena were not the only ones to fall in love. The Sorceress took a lover - a brave yet unremarkable warrior among the Eternian warriors. In the final battle before the creation of the Wall, this man died in battle against the Horde, betrayed by Odiphus, a young creature in a village the warrior had been striving to protect.

    The people of the Light Hemisphere rejoiced. King Miro stood down and allowed King Randor and his wife, Queen Marlena, ascend to the throne. Marlena announced she was pregnant, and later gave birth to twins – Adam and Adora. Randor even expressed sorrow at Keldor’s absence from affairs, totally unaware that his brother was actually now Skeletor. But joy was short-lived. Hordak and Skeletor emerged from hiding, planning to steal the royal twins and hold them hostage for the secrets of Grayskull. They broke into the palace, and made it as far as the children’s bedchamber, until Queen Marlena awoke and met them in battle. Alarms were raised and Randor and Man-at-Arms arrived immediately. Skeletor had a magical gateway planned for escape for them both plus the babies, but when he saw the forces against them, he gleefully abandoned Hordak to his fate. Hordak was enraged at Skeletor’s betrayal. Nonetheless, he had time to snatch up the nearest twin to him – Adora – and activated his own secret escape mechanism. A Horde warp gate. Hordak told his assembled enemies that they may have defeated him, but they would never see the child again.

    Eternia at Peace

    United in sorrow, they decided not to tell Adam about his sister. Man-at-Arms travelled to Castle Grayskull – the location of which was still known only to himself and the Sorceress. There, he asked its guardian if she could help find Adora, she could not, but helped him locate Skeletor, and banish him back to the other side of the mystic wall, safely imprisoned in the Dark Hemisphere.

    The Sorceress did tell Man-at-Arms that with Adora beyond her help, perhaps she could, in some small way, help Adam. She told him that she had two enormous favours to ask of him.

    The first concerned the prophecies of all who had gone before – the First Elders, He-Ro, Light Hope, King Grayskull, Eldor, the Barbarian, the Goddess . . . Eternia’s darkest hour was yet to fall, and a champion would be needed. That champion would be Prince Adam. Man-at-Arms was to watch over him, for one day the Sorceress would call him to Castle Grayskull where he would become custodian of one of the swords there.

    The second favour was more personal. To Man-at-Arms’ astonishment, the Sorceress revealed that she had given birth to her dead lover’s child. She led Duncan to a makeshift nursery within the Castle walls, and showed him Teela, her newborn daughter. The Sorceress told him that the Castle was no place to bring up a child, and building the Mystic Wall had drained her immensely, even with the Staff of Light. Like her much older predecessor, the Sorceress could no longer leave the Castle in human form for long. She could only walk outside its walls for very short amounts of time – the rest of the time outside she would have to take the form of Zoar, the falcon of force. The Sorceress asked Man-at-Arms to bring Teela up as his own daughter. He agreed, and the Sorceress bid her daughter a tearful farewell.

    The Horde War was over, Hordak was gone, Skeletor banished to the Dark Hemisphere. Two new children grew up in the Royal Palace- Adam and Teela. Though by rights Adora should be growing up with them. Man-at-Arms kept the location of Castle Grayskull a secret.

    Over the years, the people of Eternia again grew accustomed to relative peace. Randor was a wise and good ruler. Adam seemed to be a trifle lazy child, but Teela was fiercely competitive and keen to be like her adoptive father, learning the arts of combat and science. Adam found an abandoned jungle tiger, ostracized from his pride due to cowardice, the tiger confided that he was called Cringer. Adam took in this amazing talking cat as pet and friend. The Royal Palace employed a new court jester, the comical and bungling Orko. In fact, Orko was a mighty wizard from the distant world of Trollah, who followed in the footsteps of his ancestor the Oracle in travelling to Eternia to help battle evil. Unfortunately, his magic worked poorly on Eternia, hence his cover as jester. All seemed good.

    Yet on the Dark Hemisphere, Skeletor gathered his troops around him to Snake Mountain. He re-engineered Hordak’s Horde Troopers as his Robot Knights, and also built a number of mystical Skull Warriors, as well as genetically altering the Skelcons into his personal slave caste. He recalled the cadre of warriors he had personally gathered around him in his time as Keldor, the same troops who had laid low during the Horde War, unable to match either side’s firepower. So Skeletor travelled to his old tower to find Evil-Lyn in command. She reluctantly handed control of the troops over to him – they included Beast Man, Tri-Klops, Trap Jaw and Modulok.

    Skeletor also took control of Mer Man, lord of the Dark Hemisphere’s seas and his Sea People. He genetically engineered Odiphus into Stinkor, and recruited new troopers such as Two Bad, Whiplash, Clawful and Jitsu.

    Confident that his army was massing, Skeletor aimed all his concentration at one tiny crack in the Mystic Wall, for he knew it could not last forever.

    Eternia’s days of peace were numbered.

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    The Secret Files of Scrollos (part three)

    Return of the Snakemen

    The war on Eternia to essentially protect Castle Grayskull continued to wear on. While Grayskull could now also call She-Ra to defend it, this was counter-balanced by He-Man travelling to Etheria when needed. And Grayskull was under attack from two sides – the Lords of Destruction and the Evil Horde, though at least Hordak’s forces were divided.

    However, another side would soon enter the fray. Repton fugitive Kobra Khan had long been a warrior under Skeletor’s command. The Reptons were the largely peaceful descendants of the warlike alien Snakemen, most of whom had been banished to another dimension by He-Ro and his Council countless generations before. Khan assured Skeletor that this Snake army could still be accessed through a mystic pool beneath Snake Mountain. Skeletor did so, raising the fearsome General Rattlor. The Sorceress detected this, however, and despatched He-Man to stop Skeletor’s plans, Zodak accompanied him, his brother was killed by King Hsss and he wanted to make sure they never returned. Skeletor found himself most disproving of Rattlor’s attitude, remembering him from his trips into the past as Rattlor ranted that Hsss would overrun all non-Snakes for the indignity of millennia in limbo. Skeletor found himself siding with He-Man and Zodak and the three used their magical weapons to seal the vault. A defeated Rattlor fled into the night while Kobra Khan stayed with Skeletor but remained in contact with the General.

    Months went by and the Masters and Rebels continued to fight both Skeletor and Hordak. On Etheria, Adora persuaded the self-interest sky pirate known as Sea Hawk to associate himself with the Rebellion, and the two began an occasional romance. Teela continued to despair of Adam’s attitude, as the Prince became more and more distraught at his duplicitous lifestyle. Hordak’s attempt to seize the PrisonStar complex was foiled, Evil-Lyn was prevented from seizing the Shard of Darkness, Mer Man failed to flood Castle Grayskull, Sweetbee’s Hive joined the Rebellion and Skeletor’s attempt to destroy the First Elders before their interception of the comet was prevented by He-Man. While this happened, Rattlor massacred several Repton villages, disgusted by their peaceful ways. This was observed by the treacherous Evil-Lyn, who planned an alliance between herself and King Hsss to overthrow Skeletor – then she would overthrow Hsss given she was the daughter of the Faceless One, one of He-Ro’s Council who had defeated Hsss before.

    Evil-Lyn, Rattlor and Kobra Khan seized Zodak’s staff and used it to re-open the serpent chamber beneath Snake Mountain. They saw King Hsss, Squeeze and Snakeface rise up from the mystic pool until He-Man, She-Ra and Zodak’s arrival sealed the chamber again. Realising that King Hsss shared Rattlor’s disdain for non-serpent life, Evil-Lyn made a wise escape back to Skeletor’s side just as King Hsss agreed to come to an uneasy truce with Skeletor. Only the high command of the Clan of the Viper were back on Eternia, but they were determined to have their revenge and regain their army. Evil-Lyn returned to the ruins of her father’s home in the Sands of Time – her own base of operations before returning to Keldor’s side – to unearth some old artefacts.

    Ancient Evils

    As was occasionally his want, Horde Prime turned his vast, uncaring intelligence back to Eternia and Etheria. He knew these worlds would be the jewels in his empire but was happy to play the long game, and had no desire to go head-to-head with their champions as he had once done against King Grayskull. Even the return of King Hsss gave him little concern, the fall of the Snakemen coincided with the rise of the Horde and bat had beaten snake at every encounter.

    Yet Horde Prime’s researches had revealed to him the secrets of the Sword of Evil, forged by the renegade First Elder so long ago. He summoned his warlord, Hordak, and former warlord, Skeletor to his massive warship Gauntlet and told them of his plan. He would reunite the two halves of the Sword of Evil and enter Castle Grayskull. Putting Skeletor in charge of the Etherian Horde and Hordak in charge of the Lords of Destruction, he despatched them both to find the Sword, hidden on both worlds.

    Much as the two light swords had sought out their owners, the Sword of Evil could sense its prospective master growing near, and sent out waves of energy, greatly weakening the Sorceress and Light Hope in the Swords’ respective hiding places. At Grayskull, the Sorceress informed He-Man that the Sword must be cast into the Pit of Light to be destroyed, which unfortunately lay in Snake Mountain. She-Ra visited Light Hope in the Crystal Castle, who told her a riddle which gave the only clue to an Etherian destruction point. The twins of power were entrusted with the halves of the Sword of Evil, and set out with their respective allies to destroy it.

    However, the Rebels were ill-prepared for Skeletor’s tactics as Horde leader, utilising his magic skills and different tactics. Equally, the Masters found Horde Prime had enhanced Hordak’s powers – giving him the shape changing abilities he could only usually use on Etheria. He-Man and She-Ra failed, their enemies grabbed the swords and took them to the Gauntlet. She-Ra immediately flew on Swift Wind to the Crystal Castle, where Light Hope transported her to Castle Grayskull. The twins used the Talon Fighter to fly to the Gauntlet. Just as Horde Prime was about to unite the two halves together, He-Man and She-Ra used their Swords together to destroy the Sword of Evil forever, before it could become whole. Horde Prime’s plan defeated, He-Man and She-Ra made their escape.

    Other enemies were also looking to the past, as King Hsss utilised his Magna Snakes to burrow around the Sands of Time. He-Man and his allies investigated and discovered that Hsss planned to raise the Towers Complex from beneath the ground once more. With old Snakemen weapons and secrets left behind by He-Ro whoever controlled the Complex would have great power. Hsss could also use the old monorail system to link the Towers with Grayskull and Snake Mountain. Hsss succeeded in raising the Towers but He-Man and the Masters drove them away from it. The Masters took up an uneasy occupation of the Towers instead.

    The Last Battles

    Time, and war, wore on. Adam continued to question his life as He-Man, especially when an innocent was accidentally killed as He-Man defended others. He-Man and his allies prevented Hordak from mining out the legendary asteroid of power, while King Hsss and his followers tried to seize the ancient Doomspell. She-Ra allied herself with Princess Luna on one of Etheria’s moons as Hordak hunted for the Moon Jewel, and prevented Shadow Weaver’s plans to use the Dark Pool at the edge of the Whispering Woods. Man-at-Arms found himself flung into a parallel universe ruled by an evil King He-Man while Skeletor constructed the robotic Faker. Shadow Weaver allied herself with Skeletor against Hordak for a brief time and Teela hunted for her mother’s true identity. Queen Marlena considered her past when two human astronauts crashed onto Eternia and Adora faced a perilous journey to the heart of Etheria when the stone in her sword smashed. He-Man and She-Ra even went with the Sorceress on a journey to Eternia’s past, where they witnessed a battle between a young and nervous He-Ro and King Hsss.

    A shattering day for the citizens of Eternia came when Skeletor, Hordak and King Hsss joined their forces. Luring She-Ra to Eternia then she and her brother off-world, they launched a massive attack against Eternos City. Most of the citizens were evacuated but many died and the city lay in ruins. He-Man and She-Ra managed to escape their trap on the planet of plants but returned to destruction. The villains were unable to defeat the spirit of freedom, however, and work began on a New Eternos.

    Disaster struck again when King Hsss gained access to Central Tower, where a secondary serpent chamber was located. Using the mystical Eyes of the Serpent and crest of the Clan of the Viper to help him, Hsss managed to summon his army, and this time he was successful. Man-at-Arms and Fisto managed to blow up the monorail system rather than let Hsss link the Complex with the other main powerbases but the army massed outside. Snakeface used his powerfully-increased MedusaVision to incapacitate Skeletor and his key warriors and Hsss brought to life Serpos, the living snake god. Hsss, Serpos and his army marched on Castle Grayskull, defeating Zodak and other forces on the way. He-Man and She-Ra made a desperate last stand at Grayskull, eventually uniting the power of their swords once again to defeat the beast. Hsss forced himself into the Castle and defeated the Sorceress, only to be struck down dead, after a heated battle with Zodak.

    Zodak marched triumphantly onto the jawbridge to show the Snakemen their fallen leader. He-Man and She-Ra were angry at Zodak for leaving the Sorceress to die but he remained unrepentant – vengeance for his brother’s death remained all. She-Ra took the Sorceress to Light Hope, who healed her with his powers.

    Many Snakemen threw themselves over the ravine into the abyss surrounding Grayskull after Hsss’ body. The remainder were many but the day was surprisingly saved by Evil-Lyn, who utilised the powers of her father’s ramstone to destroy the remaining Snakemen.

    The death of Snakeface caused instant freedom for his victims from their stone forms – among them Skeletor. Skeletor opted to take immediate advantage of the Masters’ confusion and disarray following their defeat of the Snakemen and raided the home of dimensional locksmith Gwildor. Skeletor seized Gwildor’s greatest invention, the Cosmic Key – an engineering feat capable of transporting he who wields it anywhere in time and space, even through the defences of Castle Grayskull. Skeletor gathered up a band of warriors, among them Evil-Lyn, Beast Man and mercenary chief Karg and transported inside Grayskull, taking the still-recovering Sorceress prisoner and sealing the dimensional gate from Etheria, keeping She-Ra offworld. Skeletor used the dimensional gates within the Castle to launch a surprise attack on the mid-rebuilt New Eternos, taking many of the Masters prisoner. Skeletor gloats on the holosphere that he is now King.

    A stunned and desperate He-Man, Teela and Man-at-Arms met up with Gwildor to use his duplicate Cosmic Key to get inside Grayskull and try to rescue the Sorceress. The return of Skeletor and Evil-Lyn prevent this, however, forcing He-Man and his allies to evacuate using Gwildor’s Key. They find themselves on 1980s Earth, and He-Man soon befriends Kevin and Julie, two teenagers. Skeletor soon tracks He-Man, however, and despatches Karg and a group of warriors. When this assault fails, Evil-Lyn travels to Earth and defeats the Masters, snatching Gwildor’s Key. Skeletor leads a full assault and takes He-Man back to Eternia as his slave. Gwildor hooks up a makeshift Key and takes himself, Teela and Man-at-Arms back to Grayskull just as Skeletor channels the powers of the Elders into himself. His godlike powers seem to have truly made him a Master of the Universe, but He-Man manages to break free and defeat him with the Sword of Power. Skeletor is flung into the abyss, and Evil-Lyn gathers her troops and retreats to Snake Mountain, to be followed by a shaken Skeletor some time later.

    Into the Future

    Nonetheless, Skeletor’s involvement with the Cosmic Key gave him a glimpse into the world of time travel. He has travelled in time before – most notably as Keldor into the time of Hsss and He-Ro and while trapped behind the Mystic Wall into the time of the Goddess and the Barbarian. On both occasions, the opportunity to time travel was presented by a shadowy, cybernetic figure whom Skeletor believed to be his future self. Skeletor used the Cosmic Key technology he had retained to search the time streams for what he required. Eventually he discovered it – in the distant future, the technology to simply sap the power from Castle Grayskull existed. Deciding that conquest of Eternia was too difficult, Skeletor concocted a plan to simply take what he needed and leave. Time would be his new battleground.

    In the distant future Skeletor saw lay the Triax Star System. Two worlds in this system were inhabited – Primus and Denebria. Both had had human populations, but war had ravaged the face of Denebria. The resulting radiation has warped the inhabitants of Denebria into a variety of fantastical mutants. Primus remained peaceful and prosperous.

    Gradually, greedy eyes on Denebria turned towards Primus, envious of its resources. The mutant warlord known as Brakk rose to power on the planet, advocating war against Primus. Some on Denebria took exception to this, and thus warriors such as Sagitar and Insyzor made a brave stand against Brakk and his fellow warlords such as Kalamarr and Optikk, but were defeated. Sagitar and Insyzor fled to Primus, where they were granted asylum by the Galactic Council and informed them of Brakk’s plans.

    The Galactic Council, under the wise leadership of Darius, heard from the mysterious Master Sebrian, an old man apparently versed in the lost arts of magic. Sebrian told the Council that prophecies foretold of Primus being saved when courageous warriors travelled into the distant past, to a world called Eternia, and plucked a hero from that timestream to save Primus. Thus, a massive ship was constructed, the Starship Eternia, more powerful than any previous Priman vessel. While this was going on, Darius and Sebrian studied the prophecies. They told tales of a desperate hero, cut off from his power and keen to save it from the forces of evil who had captured it. This man had a hideously deformed face, and his fellow Eternians despised him for it. Some time later, the Starship was ready, and Darius himself chose to board it, along with Icarius and Hydron. Together, they made the difficult journey through the Laser Gate into the past, arriving in Eternian orbit and disrupting the planetary weather patterns.

    However, the “prophecy” had been written and planted by Skeletor, all to cast himself in a suspicious light. Skeletor arrived outside Castle Grayskull and laughed with malefic glee as the futuristic Starship began to drain the power of the Elders from the Castle. Warned by the Sorceress, Prince Adam awoke in New Eternos, but found himself unable to turn into He-Man, Grayskull’s powers being drained by the Starship. Adam rushed to Grayskull alone.

    The apparently cowardly Prince dashed forward to grab Skeletor as he was pulled up by tractor beam into the Starship. The watching Eternians witnessed the Starship judder and shake as a mighty battle went underway within. On board, Adam desperately tried to persuade Darius that they had been tricked by Skeletor. The Primans were unbelieving until Skeletor blasted them. Skeletor was about to kill them all when Adam heard the Sorceress’ voice in his mind, explaining that many of the Castle’s powers were now inside the Starship. Thrusting the Sword of Power deep into the Starship’s databanks, Adam gave a new cry. “By the Power of Eternia! I have the Power!” A new version of He-Man stood before the shocked onlookers, with golden space armour and a shining green energy blade as the Sword of Power. Skeletor fled into the depths of the Starship. He-Man realised that his destiny lay in the future, he could not leave Skeletor to conquer all time as he intended, and sadly watched Eternia beneath him, with no time to say goodbye to all he loved below, he had to pursue Skeletor. Darius, Hydron and Icarius realised who the true hero was, and prepared to take him back to Primus.

    As the Starship Eternia vanished through the Laser Gate to Triax, no-one watched. But the sudden disappearances of these people was a massive shock. She-Ra. Cringer. Teela. Hordak. Man-at-Arms. Evil-Lyn. Orko. For them life would never be the same again.

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    The Secret Files of Scrollos (Part Four)

    The Triax Star System

    So He-Man and Skeletor made their new home in the future. He-Man based himself on Primus, where the Galactic Guardians – among them Darius, Icarius, Nocturna, Vizar, Hydron, Tatarus and Mara – became his allies. The essence of the Sorceress now lived in the Starship Eternia’s databanks, and from here He-Man drew his powers. He still spent time in his Prince Adam identity, with only Darius and the wise Darius being aware of the dual identity. Skeletor had sustained serious wounds when Adam made his spectacular new transformation – and these had caused his body to be rebuilt as partially cybernetic. He also contracted a small but permanent amnesia regarding Adam’s transformation, and never had the chance to put two and two together as he never knew the Prince was at large on Primus.

    Skeletor arrived on the mutant warlord Brakk’s orbital asteroid battle base of Nordor and took command of Denebrian forces as well as reshaping Nordor’s exterior into his own face. Other bases included a Gorn Crater on Denebria. Skeletor promoted noted Denebrian strategist Crytta following exceptional loyalty of her to him. Skeletor was outraged that the Starship Eternia had absorbed around half the powers of Grayskull but he still did not control it, and many of his plots put him in competition with Brakk, who simply wanted to conquer Primus.

    Eventually, Skeletor found himself unable to control the Denebrians as he had the Lords of Destruction. Following a massive battle as the Primus/Denebria situation degenerated into full-blown war, Skeletor watched in horror as Brakk and his troops surrendered to the Primans. Skeletor was outraged at this, but there was little he could do as he and the loyal Crytta were locked inside a ShuttlePod and hurled into space by He-Man.

    The war in Triax was over. The Sorceress informed He-Man he had two choices, stay in the future, or return to his home. Though tempted by a life with Mara, He-Man made his choice. After spending one night of goodbye with Mara and revealing his secret identity, He-Man boarded the Starship alone to return to Eternia. Unknown to He-Man, Skeletor and Crytta locked their ShuttlePod onto the Starship and followed it through the Laser Gate.

    The Return

    He-Man returned to Eternia to find a very different landscape from the one he had left. To his horror, many of his old friends seemed to hold a bitter resentment to him, as they saw he had “abandoned” them. He discovered that the Sorceress had kept herself in a trance for all the years he had been away so that she could commune with him through the Starship. So many of the powers of Grayskull had gone that the gateway to Etheria in the Castle had gone, perhaps forever. The only way through now was the Fright Zone, and that was near impassable given the Horde’s new power.
    Randor was the now tired old King of Eternia. Although many believed Adam to be trapped on Etheria, Randor and Marlena had realised the truth about the prince. They instantly forgave their son, saying they knew he acted in the cosmos’ best interests. Cringer, Orko and the grievously ill Man-at-Arms agreed. Teela, however, was a different story. Having discovered her mother’s identity, Teela had taken it upon herself to become the temporary guardian of Grayskull, adopting the snake armour once favoured by the Goddess. However, her full magic powers were far from being developed, having only an empathy with nature so far.

    Skeletor also returned to find many changes. He found Snake Mountain deserted, and set up a new base there with Crytta his only soldier. Further investigation on the Dark Hemisphere found a much expanded Fright Zone. Skeletor ventured into the Zone, expecting to face Hordak, only to find what was apparently called Witch Tower built in the Zone’s centre. Skeletor was appalled to discover his old ally, Evil-Lyn, had considerably improved her powers in his absence. A duel between the two ended up in the unthinkable – Skeletor’s defeat. Evil-Lyn revealed that she had struck a deal not with Hordak, but with Horde Prime. She was now one of his warlords – the Eternian equivalent of Hordak on Etheria. An enraged Skeletor tried to coax his army back to him, but only a few of the former Lords of Destruction – such as Beast Man and Trap Jaw – followed.

    The doubts the Masters had regarding He-Man evaporated when He-Man sacrificed the Starship Eternia – and his only link back to his new friends in the future – to seal Snake Mountain and Witch Tower beneath a mystic ice. It seemed that peace was assured for a little while.

    He-Ro Son of He-Man

    In the years that followed, He-Man put away his sword, the revived Sorceress returning it to the Sword Chamber. Most of the energy had returned to Grayskull following the destruction of the Starship, but not enough to open the Sealed Door. Etheria was still lost to all.

    Randor and Marlena retired to the Golden Isles, and Adam became King. To Eternia’s joy, he took Teela as his Queen. All seemed well. It transpired the royal couple could not have children, but they adopted a young wild boy named Dare, who had been raised for his first few years by a kindly she-wolf. Prince Dare had the ability to commune with animals, and grew up in an odd, fish out of water fashion in the Royal Palace. His slightly older babysitter grew up also, and just as Dare reached his teens she reached her early 20s and received a great accolade. Kay-La became the new Woman-at-Arms, to replace the sadly passed away Duncan.

    But history has a way of repeating itself.

    On his 17th birthday, Prince Dare was summoned to Castle Grayskull, along with King Adam, Queen Teela and Orko. He took with him his raven, called Craven. In Grayskull, the Sorceress informed him that every generation must have its hero. Dare was told that his adoptive father was actually He-Man. An astonished Dare listened as the Sorceress told him about the Sword of Power, and how he would have the same powers as his father. Sure enough, Dare lifted the Sword of Power above his head and cried “I am He-Ro Son of He-Man! I have the Power!”

    Named in tribute to the legendary wizard, this second He-Ro transformed Craven to Battle Bird with a blast from his Power Sword. The new He-Ro faced an immediate challenge, as it transpired that Evil-Lyn and her forces had escaped their prison and planned an attack on New Eternos. So He-Ro and Battle Bird rode into the fight, with warriors such as Kay-La alongside. Evil-Lyn’s Horde would prove to be a powerful enemy, with Skeletor and his small band of warriors plotting against both sides causing problems also.

    Etheria Gone

    The most recent, and most disturbing, details of this history are only just coming to light. Light Hope managed to contact the Sorceress through her dreams, with a terrifying chant of “all are dead”. A frantic Sorceress, distraught at what may have happened over the two decades of lack of contact, managed to use the powers of Adam, He-Ro and Zodak to open the gateway to the Crystal Castle.

    All were shocked by the ruins they saw beyond.

    Aware of the terrible situation, the Sorceress despatched He-Ro and Battle Bird through the dimensional portal, to establish what exactly happened to She-Ra, Hordak, Light Hope and the Great Rebellion….

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    The Secret Files of Scrollos (postscript)


    The following note was a handwritten addition to the document found on the ruins of planet #5t46543j.n.jgb. Its authorship is unknown but clearly dates from several millennia after the main text.

    Independent investigation has failed to authenticate this postscript’s authorship, but it is believed to be approximately contemporaneous with the apocalyptic events which heralded this planet’s devastation.

    - Processed by Ms C Jones, administration block, planetoid KS-159, 31st January 2606 CE.

    “Secret Files of Scrollos”. Hah! Over half of this is a fiction! This “He-Ro II” stuff is nonsense, and Teela and Adam certainly never married, the truth was far from that fairytale. There’s truth in there, of course, the wars themselves most obviously. But where’s the rest? Of course Scrollos knew Procrustus wasn’t a god. Then there’s He-Ro, the “most powerful wizard in the universe”. If only they knew the truth.

    But the truth will always out.

    Even if it begats death.

    (To be continued in “Masters of the Universe: Prodigal”)

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    This is sweet. I really want to know where you are going with this.
    The ending part about Etheria, is that from one of the old storylines or is it original--it's a great cliff hanger.

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