Again, I'm blown away by your story telling & how well it ties into MOTU so far . I must also mention what a great job at including early cartoon & mini comic MOTU. So, impress by your talent at story telling & art. you guy know how to keep the people wanting more.

-I really like how you are leading the world of Eternia into a bigger world & with more greater dangers.

-Like what you did with Lizard Man all together.

-Clam Champ is awesome! he was a boring character that had lots of potential. what you guys did with him is what he always deserved. I was worried that he wasn't going to have his 200x armor but you put it in. I was very happy how you made his personality & abilities.

-Will we see more mini Zodac appearances?

-I'm thrilled that you incorporated the flying hawk vehicle. this will make getting around Eternia much faster. they need all the aid they can get!

-Great ending with the snake men & disappearing city. And i think Marlana is catching on to Adams identity. it would be good & in safe hands if she did. and it is a matter of time that Teela would find out. Don't you think?