Hey, guys. I'm curious what you think about the early minicomics and the other early He-Man stories. Do any of you think they can be harmonized with the basic storyline that was part of the cartoon? Even though I like these early stories, I don't think they can be thought of as having really happened because they have too many elements that were later dropped from the cartoon. For example, the two halves of the Power Sword concept was never part of the cartoon, so I think any stories with that idea have to be considered as never having happened.

My basic rule is that if it contradicts the cartoon, it didn't really happen. For example, the minicomics gave different origin stories for Man-E-Faces, Roboto, and Modulok, so I don't think those stories really count. Even as a kid, I took this approach when I saw things that didn't fit with the cartoon. Does anyone else have ideas about this?