Chapter One

Disclaimer: "He-Man and The Masters of the Universe", their characters, and concepts are the property of Mattel.

It was shortly after midnight at the Palace gate. The iron gate was flanked on either side by massive, thirty-foot stone walls. Just outside the gate, an armed sentry stood at his post.

From out of the darkness, a strange robed figure appeared, its face hidden by a hood. Two bony arms held a large bundle wrapped in a blanket.

"HALT!" cried the sentry as he aimed his blaster rifle at the hooded and robed figure. "WHO GOES THERE?" Ignoring the sentry, the robed figure came to a stop in front of the gate, set the cloth bundle down on the ground, and disappeared into thin air.

Suspicious package outside the gate, thought the sentry as he punched a button on his wrist radio. Better alert Captain Teela.


"There doesn't appear to be any trace of explosives," said Man-At-Arms as he scanned the bundle with a handheld portable scanner. He, Teela, and the sentry stood just inside the gate, shielded by the walls. "I AM picking up faint traces of electrical activity, however."

"Did they show their face at all?" Teela asked the sentry. "Could you make out any features whatsoever?"

"No, ma'am," the sentry replied. "They wore a hood over their face. I couldn't even tell if they were male or female."

Man-At-Arms grabbed a long metal rod that was sitting on the ground behind Teela and the sentry. "I’m going to peel back some of that covering," he said. He then took a step just outside the gate.

"Be careful, Father," said Teela, her voice just barely above a whisper.

Man-At-Arms removed a cap from one end of the rod and dumped the contents onto the ground, revealing a telescoping metal probe with a rounded tip. He extended the pole out to its full fifteen-foot length and gently touched the probe to the bundle, eliciting the cry of a baby from inside.

What the…? Teela thought as she stepped outside the gate. Is there a baby in there?

"TEELA, STAY BACK!" Man-At-Arms warned as he waved Teela back away from the bundle. "There could still be a device in there!" He delicately used the tip of the probe to lift back the blanket, revealing the face of a squirming, crying newborn baby boy wearing a cloth diaper.

"It's a baby," Teela exclaimed, her face now a mask of disbelief. Man-At-Arms used the probe to push away the rest of the blanket. Slowly carefully, he crept over to the baby and lifted it up, taking care to ensure nothing was hidden underneath. "All clear," he announced. "There doesn't seem to be any more devices on him."

Teela and the sentry came forward. "Thank you, Father," said Teela. She scooped up the baby in her arms and held him close. All at once, the baby ceased crying and began to gurgle happily. "Where could he have come from?"

Man-At-Arms stood up. "I couldn't tell you," he said, shaking his head. "I'm still wondering where those electrical impulses are coming from."

Teela affectionately stroked the baby's jaw with her finger, making him laugh. "Well, he's safe with us now," she said.