Ship Plunder

Swift Wind/Spirit
Sea Hawk
Madam Razz
Beast Man
Trap Jaw
Two Bad

The story begins on Eternia, at Snake Mountain. Skeletor is loading his men, Beast Man, Trap Jaw, Two Bad, and Tri-Klops into the Collector.

Skeletor: The portal to Etheria should be opening any minute now. I've been told that there is a pirate ship floating around the waters there. The captain of that ship happens to be King Randor's daughter's boyfriend.

Tri-Klops: But Skeletor, what if She-Ra interferes?

Skeletor: Ha! If that musclebound woman shows up, I will have a surprise for her. I have a dungeon set up in the basement of Snake Mountain. This Sea Hawk character, She-Ra, and He-Man will all be laying their heads in there. I will make use of Sea Hawk's ship, and then, the galaxy will be mine! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

The Collector goes through the portal.

Sea Hawk and his men are flying in their ship.

Swend: Captain Sea Hawk, it's been awhile since you've seen Adora.

Sea Hawk: I know. She and the rebels are always busy fighting the Horde. One of these days, they will all be off this planet, and then, Adora and I can go to Eternia, because this world will be free.

The Collector comes through the portal. Sea Hawk notices it.

Sea Hawk: What the heck is that?

Swend: It doesn't look very friendly, that's for sure.

Meanwhile, inside the Collector...

Beast Man: Skeletor, how are you going to beat a ship like that?

Skeletor: Beast Man, you fool, all it takes is this!

Skeletor takes a shot at Sea Hawk's ship.

Two Bad's left head: I got him!

Two Bad's right head: NO! I GOT HIM, LAME BRAIN!

Skeletor: Shut it, Two Bad. I took the shot.

The Collector lands on the ship, Skeletor comes out.

Skeletor: Greetings, Sea Hawk! My name is Skeletor.

Sea Hawk: SKELETOR! He-Man and King Randor told me about you!

Skeletor: You think Hordak's bad, get a load of this!

Skeletor knocks the entire crew out with a shot from his havoc staff.

Skeletor: Quick! Get the prisoners aboard the Collector!

Skeletor's army gets the crew aboard the Collector. they get back in and drag Sea Hawk's ship with a tacking beam.

Meanwhile, Madam Razz is arriving at Whispering Woods on Broom. She does her usual crash.

Broom: One of these days, Madam, you'll get it right.

Adora: What is going on?

Madam: Well, Skeletor is on Etheria right now.

Adora: What's he up to this time?

Madam: He's kidnapped Sea Hawk and his crew, and he was seen dragging Sea Hawk's ship with the Collector.

Adora: Oh no! This calls for She-Ra!

Adora lifts her sword


Adora transforms to She-Ra, then transforms Spirit to Swift Wind.

She-Ra: I just realized, with Skeletor involved, He-Man might be needed too!

As She-Ra lifts her sword to contact the Sorceress, Sea Hawk and his men are caged inside the Collector.

Trap Jaw: I hope you guys are comfortable. We have a spot for you all at Snake Mountain, in Skeletor's dungeon.

Sea Hawk: If She-Ra doesn't get to you before we get to Eternia, He-Man will take care of all of you, just like he always does.

Skeletor: I will deal with whichever one of them crosses me first. Those two will be joining you in my dungeon. With your ship, I will conquer the galaxy. Hordak will be no more, the Rebellion will fade, and the Royal Family of Eternia will be out of my way for good! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Meanwhile, back at Whispering Woods, He-Man and Stratos come through a portal.

He-Man: I hear Skeletor has Sea Hawk.

She-Ra: Yes. I don't know what his motive is.

He-Man: I have a pretty good idea. I brought Stratos with me for extra help.

Awhile later, He-Man and She-Ra are flying on Swift Wind, with Stratos, Broom, and Madam coming along for the ride. He-Man is explaining to Stratos why the Sea Hawk is so important.

Stratos: So what you're saying is that he is going to be King Randor's son-in-law?

He-Man: Yes. I've come to know Sea Hawk from his visits to Eternia with Adora. He and I battled together, but never against Skeletor. We've battled Hordak together a few times here on Etheria.

Stratos: Well, if he's a part of Eternia's future, then I'm with you on saving him.

Meanwhile, aboard the Collector...

Tri-Klops: The portal will be ready in a few moments, Skeletor.

Skeletor: Excellent. When we get this crew to Eternia, we will begin our planning on taking over the galaxy. With that ship of Sea Hawk's, we'll be unstoppable.

Beast Man: The portal is ready to be opened.

Skeletor: Good. As soon as we get back to Eternia, we will....

Suddenly, a thunderous noise is heard outside of the Collector

Skeletor: What is that?

He-Man and She-Ra bust in

He-Man: Sorry to ruin your fun, Skeletor.

Skeletor: She-Ra! He-Man! I should have known I'd encounter you two. Beast Man, Trap Jaw, Tri-Klops, Two Bad, get them!

The men go to attack.

She-Ra: I'm sorry, Trap Jaw, but you are not my type!

She-Ra throws Trap Jaw into the wall. He-Man knocks Beast Man down, then shuts off the tracking beam holding Sea Hawk's ship. Stratos and Madam take the ship to the water for safety.

Two Bad's left head: I'll take care of the woman.

Two Bad's right head: No, I will.


She-Ra knocks their heads together.

Tri-Klops: I have you now, He-Man.

He-Man: You should know me better than that, Tri-Klops.

He-Man throws Tri-Klops into the switch holding the cage shut, opening it and freeing Sea Hawk. Hawk then pulls an Orko and spins Tri-Klops' eyes. The all then head to the ship. Skeletor lands his Collector there.

Sea Hawk: He-Man, I think it's time we sent your old friend home.

He-Man: Sounds like a pretty good idea!

Skeletor goes to grab He-Man. He-Man and Hawk both throw Skeletor back into the Collector, then join She-Ra in throwing the Collector into the portal.

Stratos: I must say, I'm amazed.

He-Man: We haven't heard the last of Skeletor, Stratos. He'll be sure to find some way to get back at us when we get back to Eternia.

Madam: You must let me know how that goes.

Later on, Sea Hawk is at Whispering Woods, telling Adora and Adam about what had happened.

Adam: If there's one thing I know about Skeletor, he'll do anything to try to ruin my family. Adora and I know how he and Hordak already pulled that when we were babies.

Adora: I'm pretty sure he'll be back here to get back at She-Ra.

Stratos: She'll be waiting, I'm sure.

Adam: We'd love to stay, but we must get back to Eternia before Skeletor gets to the palace.

Sea Hawk: Understood. Hope to see you again soon.

Adam: I will be sure to come here for another visit. Bye now.

Adam and Stratos go through the portal.

Adora: You know, Sea Hawk, while She-Ra may be great, He-Man makes a difference, too.

Sea Hawk: Oh?

Adora: Well, I'd still be serving the Horde if not for him.

Sea Hawk: Well, if you were to still serve the Horde, I'm not sure I'd be able to withstand being around you.

Adora: Oh, come on now, Hawk!

Adora, Spirit, and Hawk laugh together.