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Thread: She-Ra movie?? Mrs. Spears?????

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    She-Ra movie?? Mrs. Spears?????

    so lookin on aol for she-ra stuff, run across a link to japanses web site about a She-Ra movie, and i see this....

    I am not a fan of the lovely Britney, so i dont know if this is a fake, a pinup from a privious video, or a japanses commercial she did....or if there is a she-ra movie being made, probly not but i'm sure someone will have an opinion on this find.

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    That is from a Pepsi commercial that Britney did overseas with Beyonce and Pink.

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    thought it was a superbowl comercial? but yeah a pepsi comercial with the three of them dressed as such.
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    Lets do the 6 degrees of seperation...
    The costume is made of plastic.
    She-Ra is made of plastic.
    Britney is made of plastic (durring this photo)
    The costume is for roleplaying.
    She-Ra is for playing.
    Britney is for playing...
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