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Thread: Icarius/Flipshot named after wrong Greek myth?

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    Icarius/Flipshot named after wrong Greek myth?

    I always thought that Flipshot's other (more realistic) name Icarius was a reference to the Greek Myth "The Flight of Icarus" what with him being a flying man...

    But the spelling struck me as odd... I thought maybe it was for trademark reasons but then I discovered that there are actually two characters in Greek Myth with the name Icarius...

    The first Icarius was the son of Oebalus and Gorgophone and, by Periboea, father of Penelope and Perilaus. He was a champion runner and would not allow anyone to marry his daughter unless he beat him in a race. Odysseus succeeded.

    The other Icarius was from Athens. He was cordial towards Dionysus, who gave his shepherds wine. They became intoxicated and killed Icarius, thinking he had poisoned them. His daughter, Erigone, and her dog, Marea, found his body. Erigone hanged herself. Dionysus was angry and punished Athens with a plague; and caused insanity in the unmarried women, all of whom committed suicide. Icarius was placed in the stars as the constellation Bo÷tes.

    So am I missing the connection or did Matell screw up?
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    The connection that Flipshot/Icarius has to Icarus is the wings they have. They obviously changed the name so that it wasn't a straight lift.

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    That is very cool, I do like it. I guess because greek mythology has always conjured up feelings of 'MOTU/POP/NA' for me. lol.

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    I much prefer those original names like Icarius and Kalamaar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pig Boy
    I much prefer those original names like Icarius and Kalamaar.
    Yeah, I was really disappointed (and confused) when I first watched the cartoon and these characters had silly names like Flipshot, Flogg, and worst of all Slush Head. At first I thought Skeletor was just calling him Slush Head as an insult, I couldn't believe they would actually use that as a character's proper name!

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