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  • Classic Mattel Styled Action Figures (Be It Commemoratives, Or Continuation Of Previous Line)

    12 13.04%
  • Classic Filmation Styled Action Figures (As In, How They Appeared In The 'Toon)

    34 36.96%
  • 4H-sculpted 6" Action Figures (That Would Be In-Scale W/2002 MOTU Toys)

    36 39.13%
  • 4H-sculpted 6" Stactions (Maybe You Don't Like Action Figures?)

    10 10.87%
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Thread: Big IF Poll...

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    Big IF Poll...

    So there's been so much She-Ra "coming back" talk amongst all us fans, that I have to wonder... if She-Ra came back toy-wise (not just SOTS in theatres or the dvd releases, I mean actual action figures!), what would you want?
    Me... I voted for the look of the classic toys. I dunno... I can appreciate what Filmation did story-wise in the cartoon, but the character designs kinda stunk. A prime example for me at least... I'm a fan of Glimmer and Angella as they appeared on packaging art and action figure form than I am of how they appeared in the actual cartoon. If new toys came about, I don't think I'd want them to be dulled-down but rather have some of the detailing the toys had.
    It would be cool if the Four Horsemen could do for PoP what they did for MOTU... and relaunch an action figure line that was all in-scale with the 2002 MOTU toys, but something tells me if PoP comes back, it's not going to be restyled, but more along the lines of something representing the content of the upcoming dvd sets, if that makes sense.
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    I'd die for a new Glimmer with much ressemblance to the classic cartoon version. Also generally, I'd hope for the new figures to be released in two versions: 6" action-figures with plastic hair and clothes, and Barbie-esque dolls.
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    4H redesigns by far.

    I want a line of figures I can proudly display beside my 200X MotU figures and stactions.

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    4H is amazing stuff but I'd rather see the lovely old fashion and (reliably better crafted original style) 4H may make wonderful designs but Mattel is never careful enough to ensure the quality is up to par... need we remember the Teela w/breakable legs action figure from the MYP?

    Classic Filmation or Classic style all the way!
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    All my life I wanted the Adora action figure!!!
    All FILMATION style!!!

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    Filmation style -- especially since we really didn't get that in the 80s.

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    The Chicken Or The Egg?

    Ah, but to flip that around... you might say we never got the action figure style presented in the cartoon back in the '80s
    I guess it's the same with PoP as it is with MOTU... a greater deal of the fans seem to remember and love the cartoon first, the toys later. I think I'm a bit in the minority that sees the action figures being the "real deal" design-wise and then later seeing the cartoon and going "Hey, something doesn't quite match up here..."
    Not that there's a right or a wrong to it all, it's just interesting is all.
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    queen of ellipsis... LadyAngora's Avatar
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    i went for classic filmation:
    1.) ...since we've already gotten the classic mattel version. and i'd love to have the characters that look very different between the two, i.e. glimmer, angella, etc.
    2.) ...since toward the end of the show the characters on screen and toy version became more similar. that way, they could continue the line and we'd finally get star sisters and bubble carriage! woohoo!
    3.) i kinda think a filmation crystal castle would look awesome too!

    i love the 4h designs, but the female designs don't stand well, and they don't have many removable accessories: cape, helmet, skirt, etc. and no comic, either... i'd definitely prefer the rooted hair, though, simply because of the vintage line.
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    Ravage ThunderCat blackiecats's Avatar
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    Definately Filmation styled toys, being as that's what's being released on DVD.
    At this point I just HOPE for Dylamug and Hunga the Harpy!

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    I really should be workin wingprincess's Avatar
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    I am not sure how I missed this thread!

    I voted classic. Only because still I have actual dreams of going to the store and seeing she ra figures again in there original glory!!!

    Then maybe.......maybe I can have a spinnerella for my very own!
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    I'd want Filmation based dolls. With real hair and clothing! Especially Catra and Peekablue.

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    Princess of the 80's Princess_Adora's Avatar
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    I want 4-H designs with plastic EVERYTHING, so that they can stand beside my Masters and fit in welll, I would also like a re-release of She-ra with plastic hair like the prototype..... I would be oh so very happy, but alas this most likely will never happen
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    Filmation style. What Mattel did in 1985 looked too much like Barbie's world: a pink horse for the girl, a blue horse for the boy, fashions for the dolls, furniture for the (pink) castle... Too girlie-stereotyped. I would have prefered a Bow figure with his brown eyes and mustache, a light brown Arrow with red hair (and lots of accessories attached to his wingless saddle; like a lasso, a harp, an axe...), a Kowl figure matching the sizes of all other characters, a figure representing Sorrowful... that kind of things.

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    I'm dreaming of a Filmation-accurate line of She-Ra figures. Period.

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    I was really shocked when I voted and found that classic Mattel style was in last place. I have to agree with wingprincess that it would be awesome to go in to the store and see a line of toys that was like what I saw in the eighties.

    I really enjoyed the commemorative figures for MOTU and I would love to have some POP figures that were like this.
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    I picked the 2nd option cause that seemed somewhat of what I was looking for.
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    all the Pop characters should look Filmation for motuc. the 80s toys looked like dolls for girls.

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    I agree they "PoP" figures should look like their filmation counterpartes since Filmation stay true to the style guide. The four horsemen did a great job with Adora and She-ra...I just hope it worth the wait for the next lady in the in the line.

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    Classic Filmation Styled Action Figures (As In, How They Appeared In The 'Toon).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Goddess View Post
    Classic Filmation Styled Action Figures (As In, How They Appeared In The 'Toon).
    I absolutely agree!
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