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    Chapter One

    Disclaimer: "He-Man and The Masters of the Universe", their characters, and concepts are the property of Mattel.


    "So … what all was stolen?" Teela asked Raanan the Merchant. She, Raanan, and his wife were standing in the center of Raanan's lavishly appointed living room. Crime scene technicians swarmed about the trio, scanning, measuring, photographing, and cataloging evidence.

    "He stole some jewelry and several bags of gold," Raanan replied. He was a stout man in his early fifties with thinning dark hair and a long dark beard. He wore jeweled rings on his fingers and an expensive silk robe. He then added mournfully, "He stole my grandfather's watch…"

    "…And my grandmother's brooch," Raanan's wife interjected.

    Teela jotted some notes into a handheld computer. "Did either of you see or hear anything?" she asked.

    Raanan and his wife looked at each other and shook their heads. "No," Raanan replied.

    "Captain," said a technician as he approached Teela.

    Teela glanced at the technician. She then turned back to Raanan and his wife and said, "Thank you for your time. I'll be back if I need anything further." As Raanan and his wife left the room, Teela turned her attention back towards the technician and asked, "What is it?"

    "We've found footprints in the study, the kitchen, and the bedroom," the technician replied.

    "Okay…" Teela replied.

    "Here's where it gets weird," said the technician. "There's no trail of footprints connecting the three rooms."

    "You're saying our thief just … APPEARED … in the three rooms?" asked Teela.

    "We've gone over this house with a fine-toothed comb," said the technician. "There's no entry marks … no sign of footprints in either the living room or on the stairs. There's no way you or I could've gained access to those rooms without walking through the rest of the house."

    "And yet, HE did," said Teela.

    "How is that possible?" the technician queried.

    "Our thief may well possess … certain powers," Teela concluded.

    The technician knitted his brows in confusion. " 'Powers', Captain?"

    "In order to make those footprints without leaving a trail, he would've had to have been able to … teleport himself … inside the bedroom and the study," Teela replied. "Given there's nothing of any value in the kitchen, I'm assuming THAT'S where he made his entrance." Teela paused. "If you're talking powers, you're talking magic."

    "You think our thief's ... a sorcerer?" the technician asked in a hushed tone of voice.

    "He may well be," Teela replied. "I don't know."

    "You know anything about magic?"

    "Me? No…" Teela replied. "But I know someone … who DOES."
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