Prince Adam/He-Man
King Randor
Queen Marlena
Ram Man
Beast Man
Tri Klops
The Sorceress

This is the sequel to Only this time, only He-Man characters are involved (although references are made to She-Ra, Sea Hawk, and Hordak)

At Snake Mountain, Skeletor is sitting at his throne.

Skeletor: You miserable excuses for henchmen failed me when we went to Etheria and tried to bring Sea Hawk here as my prisoner.

Beast Man: But Skeletor, She-Ra and He-Man...

Skeletor: You fools always use He-Man as an excuse. Yes, he does interfere, but I can't believe you can't handle this man. No matter. I will get payback soon. First, I will invade the Royal Palace, and we will take over. After we're done with that, we will go to Etheria and take over that planet as well. Nothing will stop me. Not She-Ra. Not He-Man. Not Sea Hawk. Not Hordak. I will conquer Eternia, Etheria, and the rest of the galaxy. Nothing's going to stop me this time. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Meanwhile, at the Palace, Adam is telling Man-At-Arms and Orko of what went on in the previous story...

Adam: So then, we threw the Collector into the portal.

Orko: This Sea Hawk character seems quite strange.

Adam: From what Adora tells me, he was once a pirate who worked for the Horde, then he left them, became his own person, and finally joined the Great Rebellion.

Man-At-Arms: Seeing as that happened, we can expect Skeletor to launch a full-scale assault.

Adam: I will be ready.

Cringer: (Sarcastically) I'm really looking forward to that. It's so fun running around as that brute Battle Cat, let me tell you.

Adam: Oh, Cringer, cut it out.

Meanwhile, in the throneroom

King Randor: Word going around the palace is that Skeletor almost captured the Sea Hawk.

Teela: He-Man was telling me about that.

Queen Marlena: Ever since Adora found out who she really is, things have been going more wild than ever on both Eternia and Etheria.

Randor: I am very confident that the Great Rebellion on Etheria will continue to help us here on Eternia with anything we need, just as He-Man and others from Eternia are always happy to help.

Suddenly, a shot is heard, and the Palace is shaken.

Teela looks out the window

Teela: It's Skeletor and a few of his men.

Randor: Round up the guards!

Meanwhile, Adam runs, calling for Cringer to follow him

Cringer: Such bad timing.

Adam: Sorry, Cringer, but we are needed at the Palace.

Cringer: Great.

Adam holds up his sword

Adam: By the Power of Greyskull!

Adam becomes He-Man, then transforms Cringer into Battlecat, then jumps on the saddle

He-Man: To the Palace, Cat!

Meanwhile, Skeletor and his forces are in the Palace. Whiplash uses his tail to knock some of the guards off of their feet.

Skeletor: Good work, Whiplash.

He-Man arrives

He-Man: Sorry, Skeletor, but this is the end of the line for you!

Skeletor: HE-MAN! Get him!

Skeletor's men all run to He-Man, he lifts up Tri Klops

Tri Klops: Holy (bleep)

He-Man: That language is not appropriate, Tri Klops. I see having a potty mouth is one of your problems.

He-Man throws Tri Klops to the wall, Teela runs over to He-Man

Teela: He-Man, they're trying to take over the Palace

Skeletor: When last we met, He-Man, you and She-Ra ruined my plans on Etheria. I will make you, her, and every one of your friends pay!

Beast Man grabs He-Man from behind

Beast Man: I got him, Skeletor.

He-Man: Not so fast, Beast Man.

He-Man throws Beast Man to the floor

Skeletor: You fool! I'll crush him myself!

Skeletor goes to grab He-Man

He-Man: I see Hordak taught you well, Skeletor

Skeletor: Bah, Hordak needs his fake magic to take care of the likes of you, I can use my bare hands!

He-Man throws Skeletor

He-Man: I don't know about that!

Skeletor and his men retreat

Skeletor: I will take care of you next time, He-Man!

Afterwards, Adam is in the Palace, talking to Teela

Teela: Skeletor, and to some extent, Hordak, have been a thorne in our sides for a long time.

Adam: I never did understand why they have to use their powers for evil. Both She-Ra and He-Man have incredible powers, and they use them for good.

Teela: This could be a never ending battle.

Meanwhile, back at Snake Mountain

Skeletor: We must target Castle Greyskull next. I will not rest until all of the galaxy is mine!

Whiplash: How will we take out Castle Greyskull? We've attempted that many times, and we always came out on the short end.

Skeletor: When I learn of Greyskull's secrets, Whiplash, nothing will stop me. He-Man has been in my way for a long time, and when my plans become too much to handle for him, he has to run to some woman from Etheria for help. That's why they both must be eliminated. Tri Klops, get the Collector ready, we are going to invade Castle Greyskull!

Tri Klops: Yes, master!

Meanwhile, back at the Palace

Man-At-Arms: Sire, the small amount of damage done by Skeletor's forces has been repaired.

Randor: Good. The Royal Family cannot give in to Skeletor. Ever since he was a member of the Horde, he's been a problem.

Man-At-Arms: Thank goodness for He-Man. If not for him, who knows what may have become of Eternia.

Marlena: The way He-Man handled Hordak when he last came to Eternia was amazing. I had never seen the Horde handled in such a way.

Man-At-Arms: That's because you've never been to Etheria. She-Ra handles them the same way.

Meanwhile, Adam is walking with Orko, when the Sorceress contacts him.

Sorceress: Adam, you must come to Greyskull immediately. We are under attack.

Adam: I'll be there right away. Orko, round up Ram Man and Stratos. Castle Greyskull is under attack.

Awhile later, He-Man, Battlecat, Man-At-Arms, Orko, Teela, Ram Man, and Stratos are heading to Greyskull.

Stratos: Is this the revenge Skeletor promised us back on Etheria?

He-Man: It has to be. He already attacked the Palace, and now he's targeting Greyskull.

Ram Man: Is there no end to what Skeletor will do?

Man-At-Arms: I'm afraid not. Skeletor was trained by one of the toughest villains ever.

Teela: Well, except for Horde Prime.

He-Man: Right.

Meanwhile, at Greyskull, Skeletor's men are trying so hard to get the drawbridge open.

Skeletor: Keep trying. We will get in there sooner or later.

He-Man: That's where you're wrong, Skeletor!

Skeletor: He-Man! Get them!

Beast Man gets rammed in the gut by Ram Man, while Tri Klops is being taken care of by Man-At-Arms, Teela, Stratos, and Orko.

Whiplash: Try this on for size, He-Man.

Whiplash tries to knock He-Man over with his tail, He-Man grabs it.

He-Man: You're going for a ride, Whiplash!

He-Man throws Whiplash into a swamp.

Skeletor: You may have won the battle, but you haven't won the war! Soon, He-Man, very soon, you will meet your doom, with She-Ra, The Great Rebellion, and the Royal Family joining you! I'm getting out of here!

Skeletor disappears into thin air.

He-Man: He'll be back, and I'll be ready.

Back at the Palace...

Randor: Adam, I must say, the artwork you have on display at the museum in the Palace is very amazing.

Adam: I always dreamed of both Eternia and Etheria being free from the likes of Skeletor's forces and the Horde.

A painting is shown of the Horde fleeing Etheria, while Skeletor flees Eternia.

Marlena: But what of Horde Prime?

Adam: Some day, his weakness will be known, and then, everything will be peaceful.

Teela: Everything except your appetite, that is.

Everyone laughs.