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Thread: Marvel Legends 13 is out in stores

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    Marvel Legends 13 is out in stores

    Some of you may already have them. I think they are AWESOME!!! Best in a while even without the flunkies they were going to come with. GREAT wave, and definitive figures of a lot of characters. ABOMINATION is so classic. I really dig the John Romita, Jr-esque sculpt. These blow the DC figures away. And the Four Horsemen did the Green Goblin. I just don't know what happened to the paint job. The mask is darker than the prototype. And just haviing Blackheart made me flashback to the good ol Capcom Marvel games. Damn I miss them.

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    I bought Blackheart and Abomination a few days ago, and yes they are pretty sweet . I prefer the Hulk classics Abomination to this one tho .

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    I went to TR us today and they had peg fulls of all figures. They did look neat.
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    I can't believe they are out already. It is like they ship out two waves at a time!

    As for my thoughts on the set, I only will be getting Loki and Green Goblin. Maybe Pyro. But I am not so happy with the set like the current Wal Mart one.
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    I thought they were out in the USA weeks ago.
    They hit the UK last weekend, and I picked up my set.
    I'm annoyed that my Onslaught's left arm ball joint seems to be superglued into place leaving him with an arm sticking out to the side.

    Anyone know why Loki looks so ancient?
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    Marvel Legends come out in Canada and England first. They first started showing up in U.S. Toys R Us stores in the last two weeks maybe.

    Loki is all old because he's based on his appearance in the recent Loki mini-series. He has a different costume too. It's too bad they dropped the spear that he never let go of in the story.
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    Yeah, that was a cool story. And the ending was near brilliant!

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    Some great figures in this wave, with the GREEN GOBLIN being way better than the box-set version (Except the pumpkin grenade glued to his hand), while PYRO & ABOMINATION are also pretty sharp. LOKI is my personal favourite though, although I wish I'd bought the "small horn" version.

    ...But some real bad QC problems (for me) once again. ABOMINATION'S legs were fused solid, BLACKHEART'S legs and arms were the same, and PYRO couldn't move his hips. Not paint gum this time: The fault is in the design - The ratchet thingy that makes the leg movement 'click' is too tight so I had to perform surgery on all the above to correct the problem. All three work fine now, but it took some doing!

    Wasn't too impressed with ONSLAUGHT, but he's a character I know little about so can't say I'm too bothered.

    Still think the next wave will top it though!

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