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So is this on a local TV station, Penny?
Hi Mer-Man's Minion,
At the risk of sounding self-promotional....We're currently running in 40 cities and towns in New England on cable access. Channel listings are at http://www.shillingshockers.com under "Show Info." We also air in other parts of the US through the Horror Host Underground sponsors.

Hey sonofblaine, we're still working on the DVDs of the first season which are almost done. I saw the test shots and they look cool. We are also nearing the end of production on season 2 which IMO is superior to season 1. You can check out our new opening title sequence at my MySpace page -- http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fu...=741101283&n=2

MossMan710179, water from the Ice Mountains? How awesome! Great collection BTW!