Hey, Val and all...

I was just wondering if the Cat Lady who appeared only in an ad for the MOTU comic, would be able to made into an exclusive figure. What do you think?

From the art, she seems to share many aspects with the Teela and Evil-Lyn figures, so a re-tooled exclusive seems possible, from my vantage point.

But I guess the real question is a rights question. Does MVCreations own the rights to her, or since she appeared in the Masters publication does Mattel now have her locked up? And if the character does belong to Val and Emiliano, would the agreement between the 4H, Neca, and Mattel ever allow an exclusive figure designed to fit in with MOTU (but not specifically theirs) to be made?

I'm very curious to hear the answer. And of course, if made, I would definitely get one if she saw the light of day.