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Thread: A little RP ficlite from Me.

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    Kobra Khan, Rattlor and the other Snake Men (c) Mattel
    Hisstress (c) Scaleblade*used with Premission, natch*


    Kobra Khan struggled against his captors as they held him down and chained him to the torture rack. The snake man looked up in fear as he saw the hatefilled faces of the people who would of have been his subjects... “I... I” Khan stammered before Rattlor promtly cut him off.

    “ENOUGH! You have betrayed usss far too often Khan... Your dealings with Ssskeletor, Evil-lyn and othersss... and now thisss...BETRAYING THE THRONE AND MURDERING THE KING!” Rattlor screamed at Khan. Khan tried to speak again but Rattlor punched him in the face before he could utter a single word. “Your Punissshment for your actionsss isss death... and I hope you sssufer greatly for them.” The Giant Snake man said as he stepped away from Khan and montion to the Guards to begin.

    Khan screeched as the red hot pokers were driven into his flesh, leaving burn marks on his skin. The guards backed away as Sssqquzze stepped forward and wrapped his malble arms around the traitor and squzzed with enough force to crush his ribs. Tung Lashor was next as he calmly turned the crank on the rack*with his tounge, disgustingly enough* . Khan screamed again as his arms and legs were violently pulled out of their sockets...

    Snake face step forward as his head snakes were extended and in a quick flash, Khan was nothing more than a staue....

    Rattlor walked up to it and with one soild punch.....

    Khan jerked awake from his slumber and panted. The Snake man looked around to see that he was in the master bedroom of the three towers with the newly crowned queen Hisstress sleeping next to him... and he wasn’t about to be executed for his crimes... Khan laid back down in the bed and pulled the covers over himself again and whispered softly to himself.

    “It wasss only a dream... Jusst a dream... nothing more...”

    With that, he went back to sleep.


    Basicly, this story came from staying up late at night and when I was a bit ticked off.

    Edit: And as Promised, here's the backstory.

    After conquring The Three Towers and blowing up the City of Eternos. King Hiss was posioned by Khan*who was under orders from Skeletor to do so under the threat of death* and the little Sneek claimed the throne for himself . His rule lasted for a year... becasus Rattlor, who had manged to sneek away from the Horde, returned and manged to uncover the plot and exiled Khan into the ice mountain region*Be some twisted sense of Mercy or not is up to you*.

    Khan lived there for atlest 15 years before cretain events casused him to venture down and ran into his on/off lady friend Hisstress *AKA, King Hiss' kid, hey, even if you are 1,000+ years old, you can't hold off having a kid forever*. Needless to say, They took down the ruler at the time Vyper*no relation to the one in the40w's fics* and took command of the Snake men again.

    well, Hisstress did. Khan's just acting as her constort/lover...
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